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A New Kind of College

Antioch began as an innovation

Today Antioch continues to be ahead of the curve as we create more accessible, flexible structures and programs which are responsive to the realities of our time and the future.

Building on our past, we are leading a movement for a new kind of American college. At Antioch, students own their educations. Students construct courses and programs of study with their teachers, design experiences and practicums with mentors, deliberate on matters of governance, economic and community life, and share responsibility for the broad range of the work necessary to sustain themselves and their College.

The vision for Antioch@175: A New Kind of College, was created over two years  beginning in 2016 through a collaborative process we called FACT (the Framework for Antioch College’s Transition). Just a few examples of outcomes from FACT include COLLOQUIA (a showcase of student capstone projects), opportunities for experiential learning supported by our curricular assets (read about one example, From Kitchen to Curriculum), and an updated curriculum and academic calendar designed to make best use of our resources and meet the needs of our students. Read President Tom Manley’s thoughts on the vision for Antioch@175, and learn about the FACT process and outcomes.

Watch these videos to learn more about how we are building a new kind of college at Antioch as we realize our vision of Antioch@175.

FACT envisions Antioch@175

A College of Action