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Students work with faculty advisors to devise self-designed majors. Coursework in the major builds upon students’ experiences in the general education curriculum while providing students with pathways to deepen their knowledge or further develop their passion in a particular area of study.

Studying Public Anthropology at Antioch College

Public Anthropology, also called Applied Anthropology, is the study of human culture through engaged, intersectional methodologies that are applied to social justice projects across a range of areas. Specifically, this area of study engages with ethnography, linguistic anthropology, queer archaeology, and social movement studies. 

Public anthropologists are particularly focused on the ways in which communities are formed, culture is constructed, and power is dispersed and disrupted. This area of study is politically engaged, praxis-based, and directly connected to social movements. In Public Anthropology, you can expect to learn about how systems of power are crafted, and how those ideological structures are upheld by individuals and communities. This subset of anthropology is a poignant way to apply academic study to a social justice agenda. 

Students who have studied public anthropology have gone on to careers in:

Cultural Resource Management
Community Development
International/Public Health
Environment and Natural Resources
Advocacy/Political Activism
Social Work
International Affairs
Mass Communication
Healthcare Management
Organizational Development/Training
Social Impact Assessment
Market Research
Law/Legal Reform
Policy Analysis


Courses that support this area of interest



Course No.TitleCredits
ANTH 110Culture Conflict4
ANTH 230Anthropology of Human Rights4
ANTH 240Environmental Anthropology4
ANTH 270 Anthropology of Social Movements4
ANTH 345Anthropology of Incarceration4
ANTH 370Activist Ethnography4
ANTH 380 Inside-Out4
For additional courses in Anthropology, please see the curriculum catalog.
Course No.TitleCredits
PSYC 110Social Psychology4
PSYC 330Cross-Cultural Psychology4
PSYC 395Special Topics in Psychology: The Psychology of Empathy4
For additional courses in Psychology, please see the curriculum catalog.
Course No.TitleCredits
MATH 205Intermediate Statistics4
Capstones and Electives
CAP 394CAP 394 in the Social Sciences4
CAP 495CAP 495 in the Social Sciences4
CAP 450CAP 450 in the Social Sciences4 to 8



Jennifer Grubbs, PhD

Jennifer Grubbs, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Téofilo Espada-Brignoni, PhD

Téofilo Espada-Brignoni, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Real-World Student Work Experiences

Students gain valuable real-world work experience through our Cooperative Education program, and document their insights on Antioch Engaged: our journal of social practice & professional engagement