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Spring 2020 Registration

Because the Spring term begins April 6 but students won’t be returning to campus until April 18, it is very important that students register for Spring 2020 classes before leaving campus at the end of this term.

Due to announced precautions due to COVID-19, classes will be online from Monday, April 6 — Friday, April 17. You must be registered and prepared to participate in class on day 1. If you are not registered in advance, you may face a number of challenges getting registered after the Spring term begins, and you will not have access to online course materials.

Please arrange to meet with your advisors to choose classes for Spring term and have your registration hold removed so that you can register before leaving campus at the end of the Winter term.

If you are having any issues with registering online, please contact the Registrar’s Office. We will do all we can to help you solve these problems before you leave campus.

Change of Sequence for Spring 2020 Term

Due to the increased risk of contracting an infectious disease because of travel, students sequenced for a Co-op term for Spring 2020 have the option of changing to a study term on campus instead. We have created a special form for this purpose for the Spring 2020 term only.

The only information necessary to complete the form is your name, email address, and the names of your advisors. No signatures are necessary, but please speak to your advisors before submitting this form.

Request for a Change of Sequence for Spring 2020 Term

Spring 2020 & July–August Block 2020 Registration Assistance

The best way to register for classes for the Spring 2020 and the July-August Block 2020 is to register online through the Access Portal.

If you have any difficulties registering for any of the courses you wish to take, you may use the Registration Assistance forms:

Spring 2020 Registration Assistance Form

July-August Block 2020 Registration Assistance Form

These are not a registration forms. If you wish to register for a class, please use the online Access Portal. This form may be used only to notify the Registrar’s Office of difficulties you are having registering for a class through the Access portal.

When this form is submitted, The Registrar’s Office will investigate the circumstances preventing registration, and seek a solution for you. The most common reasons to use this form:

    • You don’t have the required prerequisite(s) for a course; or
    • You are currently enrolled in a course that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to enroll (but have not yet received a grade); or
    • The course you wish to take is full and you would like the instructor’s permission to add; or
    • The instructor’s permission to enroll in the course is required; or
    • Course time conflicts
    • You wish to take an additional class over Co-op
    • You wish to over-credit
    • You wish to register for an independent course (course by special arrangement or independent study)

If you receive an error message that tells you your registration has been cancelled, it is because you need to turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker. (You can search online for instructions about how to turn off the pop-up blocker for the particular browser you are using.)

After you have submitted this form, please keep an eye on your inbox. The Registrar’s Office may need further information from you in order to assist you.