Giving Tuesday

Alumni of Courage Fund

Whether a student needs help covering their first month’s rent while on Co-op, there are other expenses they need covered to make a Co-op happen, or they need funds to attend a conference, the Alumni of Courage Fund’s $500 grants help our students further their education and goals, as well as expand the ways and where they learn.

The stipend helped me to fund my bus tickets from Columbus to Houston and getting back to Yellow Springs when my Co-op was over. When I was at RAICES I worked as a legal assistant, provided social services to refugees and did activism for immigrants. I am very thankful because that is the place that best fitted my professional goals and it was a relief knowing that finances wouldn’t be a problem because of groups like Alumni of Courage for Diversity. I am very pleased with the outcome of my Co-op and I would’ve not been able to make it possible without your help.

Kensy Zelaya ’21

Co-op with RAICES

Puerto Rico taught me to believe in myself and not to listen to anyone who thinks I won’t get into vet school. It taught me that anything and everything is possible as long as you work hard, persist, and are passionate! Going through this experience encouraged me to come back to
Antioch with a more positive attitude. I feel much more focused and secure in my long term goals. I would like to share that I was invited back for the last spayathon round in Puerto Rico! I will be there for 7 days beginning of May. I hope the AOC will continue to help out kids in
similar situations. $500 changed my life for 20 days!

Maria Andrea Lopez Soto ’21

Co-op with The SATO Project

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