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Project 1: Marketable Mycology

Project Overview

Marketable Mycology Workshop

Saturday, February 10th, 10 am – 3 pmDo you think mushrooms are mysterious and mystifying? Do you wish you could grow your own at home without having the hassles and dangers of foraging? Then vote for this project so that Antioch students can learn how to grow an abundance of scrumptious, delectable, and health-giving mushrooms at home! 

This 2022/2023 winter term Antioch College is hosting a full-day workshop to show students how to properly propagate and grow saprophytic mycelium with simple lo-tech methods anyone can do. We will have special guest speakers who will share the finer details of mushroom cultivation and the joys and challenges of running a professional business working as a mycologist. Most exciting of all, everyone will get hands-on experience drilling, inoculating, and waxing mushroom logs! All of the spawned logs from this project will be used to outfit the Antioch Forest Garden understory and the geothermal greenhouse. Which will ultimately contribute to the College’s robust Farm-to-Table program.

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Marketable Mycology

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