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Project 3: Antioch Grown and Wildcrafted Herbal Teas

Project Overview

In partnership with the Antioch Micro-farm and the Antioch Apothecary Collective, this project intends to increase the cultivation, collection and utilization of medicinal herbs on campus. We plan to use funds primarily to package and label herbal tea blends for distribution to members of the Antioch community. We are blessed with an abundance of wild-growing medicinals on campus, such as ginkgo, goldenrod, stinging nettle, spicebush, clover, dandelion, and more, all of which can be used in teas to promote well-being. On the farm, in the medicine wheel garden, and in other smaller plots you can find more delicious and healing herbs: lemon balm, echinacea, spearmint, yarrow, comfrey, basil, burdock, lavender, etc. There is vast potential for more cultivation, and we have visions of medicinal mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, lots of chamomile, and specialty herbs that can be grown in the hoop houses. Funds will be put towards new plantings as they allow. 

The final portion of this project is the possibility of building drying racks for large herb harvests. These would make mass dryings much more practical and organized, therefore more frequent and productive. This increased growth and utilization of medicinals will bring a variety of benefits to Antioch’s land, pollinators, and people. It will embody elements of sustainability, community well-being, social innovation, and art.

Project Images

Ginko Tree Photo
Antioch Farm Hoop House
Apothecary Garden

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