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Courses for Credit & Audit

Earn college credits or just learn more about a subject that interests you. Courses are open to high school juniors and seniors, students enrolled at other colleges and universities, and the general public. Courses may be audited or taken for college credit. Special topic courses are offered both by the College’s faculty and by visiting faculty who are experts in the field. 

2020 November-December (N-D) Block Courses

November 18 – December 18, 2020 

All courses are being offered online to all students including auditors.

Audit fees are $300 per course. Non-degree-seeking students may take course for academic credit for $500 per credit unit.

Courses for Audit

See Course Offering Schedule (PDF) for complete details.

ENG 251: Expository Writing: Personal Scholarly Narrative

MEDA 265: Introduction to Animation

MATH 105: Introduction to Statistics

MATH 151: Precalculus

ANTH 270: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Activist Ethnography

PECO 385: Capitalism III: Transnational Corporations

PSYC 335: Abnormal Psychology

SPAN 102: Novice Spanish Culture and Communication II

SPAN 301: Themes in Latin American Literature


Registration for Winter  Quarter 2021 must be completed by December 6.

Antioch College email accounts will be issued with the anticipation of registration. Remaining seats in the courses will then be filled by the person seeking to audit. Please check your Antioch email the weekend prior to classes starting on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

To enroll, please apply for admission as a non-degree-seeking student. View full instructions here under the “Non-Degree-Seeking” tab.

Questions? Contact the Registrar at