Antioch Switchboard

Ask. Offer. Connect on Switchboard!

Antioch Switchboard Opens a New Window. is an easy-to-use, community bulletin board exclusively for Antioch students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff. Switchboard lets you ASK for what you need and OFFER what you have within the Antioch community.

Switchboard directly connects people anywhere, of any age, of any affiliation with Antioch College right where they are, and right when they want. It welcomes discussions around all topics. Everyone has something to ask or something to offer.

What can you OFFER?
  • Co-ops or jobs
  • Career advice
  • Connections
  • A place to stay for Antiochians visiting your neck of the woods
  • Invite Antiochians to an event
  • Share that great new blog you started


What can you ASK for?
  • Nearly everything above, and JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE


Getting started

Registering is a snap. Navigation is easy. Posting is fun.

1. Sign Up

This takes less than a minute! If you like, use single-sign on with your social account of choice.

2. Search

The Switchboard interface is simple and intuitive. All posts are listed on the main interface when you log in.
Posts can be filtered by Category Type (ask or offer), Location, or advanced filters like Community Affiliation or Class Year.
Posts can be sorted by Most Recent, Most Relevant and Latest Activity.

3. Post

When you are ready to make an ask or offer, simply click the appropriate button. Add a title, write your awesome ask or offer, select a subcategory, add your location and any relevant tags, and hit “Post.”

4. Connect

If you want to connect with someone, you can comment on their post (this conversation will appear on that post’s page), or you can message the person (this message is private).

Switchboard thrives on good vibes and community support. If you see anything you like—interesting posts, helpful comments, or awesome success stories—make sure to give them a heart! It’s always nice to spread the Antioch love.

5. Add your interests

Once you’ve updated your interests (these can be related to your career, hobbies, current city, etc.), Switchboard will show you related posts in the sidebar and in your weekly digest emails. It’s an efficient way to ensure you don’t miss any posts that are relevant to you.

Visit often!

Bookmark Opens a New Window. and be active!

Have questions?

Contact the alumni office: