Our Producers

Where Our Food Comes From

Antioch Farm
Our very own Antioch College farm, located on campus, produces veggies, chicken, eggs and herbs right here on campus. Students provide the bulk of the effort that goes into the farm with guidance from our farm manager Kat Christen. We are committed to using organic principles and even employ permaculture techniques in our fields.

Brookside Farm
Brookside farm is located in Xenia, Ohio, about 17 miles from the Antioch College campus. Brookside farm raises cattle, and provides Antioch Kitchens with farm fresh eggs on a regular basis.

Springwater Farm
Springwater farm is located less than eight miles from Antioch College. They grow produce for the local community, and we love getting their asparagus in the spring time!

Keener Farm
Keener farm, located in Dayton, Ohio, has been around for quite sometime, since 1830 to be exact. The Keener’s have amazing grass fed beef and pastured poultry, and they are truly dedicated to raising ethically produced, hormone-free meat. Keener farm supplies Antioch Kitchen’s with pork, eggs, and beef.

Patchwork Gardens
Patchwork Gardens, located in Trotwood, OH, is a small vegetable farm owned and operated by George Mertz. Patchwork uses organic and permaculture techniques to produce fantastic produce almost the whole year round. We make some amazing salads from the lettuce and greens that we get from them!

Buck-I-Hillz Farm
Buck-I-Hillz is located right here in Yellow Springs, on US 68. They raise goats and pigs and their animals are pasture raised. They don’t feed their animals anything with GMO’s.

Flying Mouse Farm
Located here in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Flying Mouse Farm is owned and operated by Michelle Burns and John DeWine. Flying Mouse is a large producer of amazing produce and maple syrup. They are deeply involved in the local food movement in Yellow Springs and help run the Tecumseh Land Trust.

Ed Hill Family Farm
Ed Hill grows chickens, lots of them. At Hill Family Farms Ed raises free-roaming chickens without the use of antibiotics. He is our principle supplier of chicken, bringing us fresh birds weekly. Ed also grows heritage, open pollinated corn that he hand grinds into cornmeal to order. Ed’s farm is just down the road from YS, in Xenia, Ohio.

White Mountain Honey Farm
Jeff and Lisa Wilson in Xenia, OH are committed to raising bees the natural way. They don’t feed their bees corn syrup and don’t use any funny drugs and treatments like some other agribusinesses. They produce very high quality honey and other products like soap and candles. Jeff also sources some of our maple syrup from local Amish growers.

Eshleman Fruit Farm
The Eshleman fruit farm in Clyde, Ohio is another amazing place Antioch sources fruit from. Eshleman’s has been family owned since 1977, and is a short drive from lake Erie. They grow cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, and a variety of berries, and we especially love getting their apples in the fall.

Piefers Orchard
Piefers is located on US 68 in Yellow Springs, right down the road from Antioch. They supply honey, locally produced maple syrup, and even baked goods at their store, but their main product is fresh locally grown apples, peaches, and pears, as well as other produce. Not only do they sell their own fruit that they grown on the orchard, they also act as a distributor, receiving and selling fresh produce from other farms or orchards, in their store.

Anderson Farm
While Doug Anderson runs his pork farm in Xenia, Ohio, he finds time to bring his pork products to Yellow Springs and is a big part of the farmer’s market community here. Anderson farm also grows some produce, including blueberries.

Bowman and Landes Turkey Farm
Raising turkeys and row crops in New Carlisle, OH on their 2200 acre family farm since 1948. They grow a portion of their own feed and give the turkeys plenty of room to turkey around in the barns and outdoors in the yard. The turkeys benefit from the sunshine and grass and are raised without the use of animal by-products or antibiotics. Bowman Landes does all the processing, from slaughter to packaging of their birds on farm. Bowman and Landes won the 2007 Ohio Environmental Stewardship award for poultry and the 2006 Miami County Soil and Water Cooperator of the year award. The farm also produces 180 Kw of their own power via solar cells mounted on their barns. Antioch Kitchens uses whole turkeys, ground turkey, turkey burgers, sausage and deli meat from Bowman Landes.