Theater Rental FAQ

Theater Rental FAQ

Community Rentals

Information on renting the Foundry Theater or the Amphitheater can be found on our website here or by contacting the Technical Director here.  

Rental FAQ’s

Q: What times are available to rent the Foundry?

Actual times vary by quarter and class schedule.  Priority is given to classes, campus events, and student planned activities.  Please contact us to check availability.  Peak use times are generally at the end of quarters and during the weekday.   We are currently only scheduling 1 year in advance.

Q. What is included in a rental?

Amenities vary with each space.  In general, the Foundry provides the space, the equipment of that space, at least 1 technician for the duration of your event, parking, and housekeeping services.  Additional services including advertising through our partner WYSO, catering, and security may be arranged on a case by case basis.

Q. What kinds of events are popular with your facility?

The Foundry has hosted events that vary from full theatrical productions and full building galas to local music recitals.  One time rentals for recitals, benefits, concerts, and community events have been the most popular and cost effective.  For events needing more than 1 week of rehearsal and performance time, see our In-Kind Rehearsal Grant below.  

Q. Where are you with your renovations?

The building was renovated per occupancy code requirements and reopened in Summer of 2014.  The building had extensive renovations to the electrical, HVAC, restrooms, dance studio, and atrium.  The building’s theatrical systems were also partially updated to include new sound systems and lighting board.  Currently plans are being made to renovate the flooring, rigging, and lighting instruments.

Q. What are the occupancy limits in the Foundry?

The Main Theater is the largest indoor space with an occupancy of 225 and seating capacity of 202.  The Experimental Theater has an occupancy of 49.  The Atrium has an occupancy of 69.  The Amphitheater has an approximate occupancy of 450.