• Full Time

Position Summary:

Antioch College invites applications for a full-time position of 18 months from January 2020 through June 2021 for Community Manager. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the position will remain open until filled or cancelled. Applications will be considered from within the Antioch Community (current faculty, staff, students) or from without - including non-alumni. The Community Manager is responsible for supporting Community and Shared Governance at the College. They run weekly community meetings, organize community events, and work with all branches of governance at Antioch to foster transparency, inclusion and empowerment for all community members. This position will pay $28,000 annually, plus benefits and on-campus housing.

Essential Functions:
• serve as an ex-officio (one vote) voting member of Community Council (ComCil).
• call the first meeting of ComCil each term and shall call special meetings of ComCil on their initiative or on the request of any member of ComCil.
• maintain true copies of the Constitution and Legislative Code.
• publish the complete current Constitution, Legislative Code, and Resolutions (see section o.)
• During the year, publish any changes or additions resulting from ComCil or Community Votes.
• in conjunction with Antiochiana shall maintain a file of all past editions of the Constitution and Legislative Code.
• ensure that the requirements of procedure and publication for proposed legislation are met.
• make appointments for members of Committees and Boards, subject to ComCil’s approval.
• be responsible for running weekly Community Meetings. These meetings shall be used to present information, and discuss issues of concern. The Community Meetings shall also serve as candidates’ forums for ComCil and the CM(s) election process.
• make recommendations to ComCil for the allocation of available CG space.
• be responsible for working with the President’s Team, and the president to maintain and improve the dispersal of pertinent information to the Community.
• execute and administer ComCil resolutions and legislation.
• be responsible for recommending persons to ComCil to be hired for CG positions.
• be involved in the supervision and evaluation of the CG staff.
• hire, supervise, evaluate and turn in time slips for FWSP (Federal Work-Study Program) students, as they are allocated by the Financial Aid Office to work for Community Government.
• are to execute community outreach, in order to best represent the needs of the community. This should include, but is not limited to, being in regular contact with students, staff, and faculty; the College president; the Dean of Students; Housing and the Hall Adviser program; the Wellness program; the Alumni Board; and the Board of Trustees.
• plan a Community Day, to be held once per term. The dates for Community Day shall first be approved through the President’s Team.

• commitment to Antioch values, including but not limited to social justice, participatory democracy, anti-racism, diversity and shared governance. Knowledge of the Antioch’s Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP) and Racial Discrimination Prevention Policy (RDPP) and their ethos, as well as familiarity with Antioch history and current challenges.
• commitment to representing the interests of all of the community- staff, faculty and students, and to work proactively to make every constituency feel empowered and included in community life and decision-making.
• understanding of the working of shared governance at Antioch, an ability to critically and strategically think about relationships of power and privilege in the community and a commitment to broadening and strengthening structures and process of accountability, transparency and participation.
• excellent facilitation and conflict-resolution skills.
• ability and eagerness to work collaboratively, and to demonstrate kindness, patience and compassion even through difficult conversations and stressful processes. An understanding of how structural systems of oppression, including, but not limited to, racism and white supremacy, sexism and rape culture, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism, and ableism as well as trauma resulting from them. How these affect relationships of power, privilege and belonging in community and place community members in different positions of agency and vulnerability within an institution, with different needs, priorities and abilities.
• community organizing skills, including movement and coalition building and strategic and organizational skills.
•  great capacity for emotional labor as well as a capacity and willingness to carry a part of the mental load of the perpetual work of fostering community and assessing community members’ needs. An understanding of care work, including the gendered and racialized ways in which care work is distributed, and an understanding of how trauma and burnout perpetuate themselves in activist community. An ability to create processes of support and solidarity.
• excellent project-management skills. Self-motivation, time-management, and resilience.

Application Process:
Application materials for this position will be accepted until an appointment is made or the position is canceled.

To apply, send email to hr@antiochcollege.edu. Include the position title in the subject line and submit in one attachment in Word or PDF format the following Application Materials:

1. A cover letter addressing relevant experience and interest in the position.  Community Council will review applications, interview candidates and hire the position; in so doing, it will heavily consider the qualifications listed above.
2. A resume/vitae detailing your work history, relevant experience, and education,
3. Three professional references who are familiar with your work and who will speak with Antioch about your capabilities. Provide their contact information including name, association with you, telephone number, and email address.

Your application will not be reviewed unless all application materials are received.

Electronic applications are preferred. Alternatively, you may send the same information by US mail:
Office of Human Resources
Antioch College
One Morgan Place
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Antioch College is an equal opportunity employer; the College offers employment, advancement opportunities and benefits in a harassment-free environment on the basis of merit, qualifications, and competency to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation or covered veteran status. Candidates who can contribute to Antioch’s commitment to diversity and its evolving multilingual culture are encouraged to apply.