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Yellow Springs High School

Tutors, Math and Reading

Job Descriptions

Math Tutor: Job Description 

The math tutor will work with any middle school and high school students who have been identified as struggling with their math classes. The tutor will work with the math teachers and intervention specialists to determine a priority when scheduling students. The tutor will send online invitations for students to meet with him/her over Google Meet or Zoom weekly (one-on-one or in small groups), and help track their progress. The tutor may also sit in on math classes (online at this time) to determine what students are working on and where problems may be occurring with the students. During these classes, students may also be brought into separate class meetings to work in small groups, some with the teacher(s) and some with the tutor. The tutor will become an integral part of the schools’ math program and instrumental in the success of these struggling students. 

There may be other duties that pertain to reading and math throughout the school. If working at the school, the Miller Fellow will have space to work at the school, which is distanced from other workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the work can be accomplished remotely, but if it is helpful or necessary to be in the vicinity of students, all parties will be masked at all time and stay more than six feet apart. 

Responsibilities Include: 

• Helping to set up an online (and/or possible in-person) math tutoring program in YSHS for this year for students who have math disabilities 

• Assisting students during various math classes, and working one-on-one with students who are struggling 

• Working one-on-one with struggling students during their asynchronous class times or Study Skills class 

• Keeping track of students who need help and students who have been helped through tutoring each day 

• Working with high school math teachers and intervention specialists to determine which students need help and how students are progressing with tutor help 

Desired Competencies: 

• Knowledge of high school math through Algebra II and Geometry, or an aptitude for learning 

• Ability to help others understand the above math subjects 

• Ability to communicate well with students and staff 

• Organized 

Reading Tutor: Job Description 

The reading program facilitator/tutor will work with students at McKinney Middle School and Yellow Springs High School who struggle to read. These students typically have been identified through STAR Reading Assessments (given three times a year at all Yellow Springs schools) as having a reading ability significantly below their grade level. The school district has recently purchased Lexia, a reading program in which “students work independently to develop critical reading and language skills through individualized, motivating learning paths” (according to their website). Along with a teacher and/or administrator, the Miller Fellow will review criteria for students entering the program, set up schedules for students to work with the program, monitor their goals and progress, communicate with parents and teachers, and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 

If there is enough time in between the above duties, the Miller Fellow will record their own voice reading articles, sections of text books, novels, and more so that students who read significantly below grade level can access the texts that the rest of the class is reading for an assignment. Students will then receive the digital recording with the assignment, so they can read and listen to the text at the same time. With students working remotely, we have noticed a more pressing need for this, and very few teachers have the time to do it. 

Responsibilities Include: 

• Work with administration and teachers to set up Lexia, a new reading intervention program 

• Schedule students to work with Lexia 

• Communicate with parents and students about the program 

• Monitor Lexia goals: 

Program goals 

Individual student goals 

• Help administration evaluate the effectiveness of Lexia 

• As time permits, record stories, textbooks, and articles for students who struggle with reading grade-level text 

Desired Competencies: 

• Attention to detail 

• Organized 

• Comfortable working with people and data 

• Knowledge of reading skills and strategies 

Jack Hatert

Terri Holden

YSHS 937-767-7224
District 937-767-7381

Miller Fellowships are offered to the following individuals:


      • A full-time, degree-seeking student in good standing at a Greene County college or university with a preference towards an Antioch College student
      • A high school student who is a resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township or an attendee at Yellow Springs High School; high school Miller Fellows must be 16 years old or older.
      • A resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township under the age of 25 in a gap year before or during college or home for a vacation period
      • Students must have completed the YSCF’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) or apply and complete the next available NLI during their employment.
      • The identified Miller Fellow can be a current employee of the nonprofit if they meet the requirements above.

Reference Materials:

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