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You must be a registered Antioch College student to be eligible for this position.

Essential Responsibilities of the Position:
There are two positions available (students work in pairs on the project) with the nationally-acclaimed quantitative research center, The Prosecution Project The position, Pre-Coder, primarily works on aggregating raw legal data before it is placed within the database. This is a great opportunity for pre-law, social scientists, and students interested in political science to see the inner workings of data production!
The Prosecution Project (tPP) is a long-term, Open-Source Intelligence research platform tracking and providing an analysis of felony criminal cases involving illegal political violence occurring in the United States since 1990.
Through identification, analysis, and assessment of thousands of cases, tPP seeks to identify correlations between who a defendant is, how they are charged and prosecuted, and other related factors, which can include political ideology or religion, the crime’s motive, means, target, or impact.
tPP explores defendant demographics, prosecutorial strategy and outcome, juridical rhetoric, and relevant laws dealing with hate crimes, civil rights violations, Foreign Terrorist Organizations and material support, as well as defendants who are assigned terrorism enhancements and the use of specialized motive-centric statutes. The data set aims to be inclusive of all cases involving felony crimes with social-political motivation, as stated by the perpetrator, or labeled by official state bodies such as, but not limited to, law enforcement or federal government.
tPP’s data set consists of all relevant cases as validated through a decision tree. Each case is independently coded for nearly 60 variables and associated with a set of primary sources by independent coding teams, and triangulated via several secondary sources. After first-round dual coding, the case is triangulated by a senior member of the project team, and finally, validated by a senior coder serving as Auditor. The data generated is suitable for a patterned statistical analysis and the development of complex models to understand patterns, trends, and outliers.
tPP records a comprehensive account of modern political violence prosecutions through confirmed, verified, triangulated, and transparently-documented cases. The goal of tPP is to generate meaningful findings for scholars and policymakers, and to engage students in research and skills required for carrying out a long-term team project. The project is led by an Executive Director and Deputy Director, coordinated by a Leadership Team and its Directors, and informed by a national Advisory Board of noted scholars and researchers.
Pre-Coder Complete Case Starters already in the Team Spreadsheet Tab as well as begin new Case Starters Scrape files and utilize other methods to identify potential new cases for inclusion Locate and archive source files The data collected is based on court proceedings and legal filings regarding politically motivated prosecutions. The project on boarding comes with training on the difficult content of some court documents. Those selected for the project must be dedicated and reliable. Students unable to complete their work on time run the risk of being removed from the project.

ability to follow complex directions, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines

Required Physical Abilities:
Able to sit for prolonged periods of time
Able to focus on computer tasks for prolonged periods of time
Movement within and across a historic residential campus

Environmental Considerations:
Position works extensively in an office and classroom environment; seated or standing and utilizing standard office equipment such as networked computers and copiers
Indoor office environment; heated and cooled institutionally
Occasional requirement to move around campus, indoors and outdoors, over paved and rough terrain experiencing local temperature and weather variations

Number of Positions Available (per term):

Work Schedule:
Hours per Week: 10
You will set your hours with the Executive Director, but most members of tPP maintain full-time employment and dedicate evening and weekend hours to tPP. Typically 8-10 p.m.

Term Position is Available:
Fall, ND Block, Winter, Spring

Social Sciences

Immediate Supervisor Name:
Jennifer Grubbs as liaison with tPP
Office: 513-518-2850

Application Process:
To apply, send email to with the following Application Material.
Include the position title in subject line.
In the body of the email answer the following questions:
What is your Class Schedule?
What hours are you available to work?
What year are you?
Have you worked on campus before?
Submit your resume detailing your work history and relevant experience as an attachment in Word or PDF format.

Antioch College is an equal opportunity employer; the College offers employment, advancement opportunities and benefits in a harassment-free environment on the basis of merit, qualifications and competency to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation or covered veteran status. Candidates who can contribute to Antioch’s commitment to diversity and its evolving multilingual culture are encouraged to apply.