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All classes, including in-person and distance learning courses:

  • Begin Monday, August 31, 2020
  • End Friday, November 13, 2020
  • Registration has begun for Fall 2020 classes for returning students.
  • New students will register on or after August 29 after meeting with advisors.

In-Person and Distance Learning Options

Students and/or families are encouraged to make the best possible decision regarding Fall 2020. Students with underlying health issues are strongly encouraged not to travel at this time and choose to study remotely.

  • Students will work with their faculty advisors on appropriate course selection.
  • Students living on campus may also take online courses.
  • Student Affairs will share resources and tips for studying remotely and be available to support students with visa accommodations, access to printing, tutors, etc.


  • The Office of Academic Affairs and Information Technology and Media Services (ITAMS) will continue to work with students to address technology needs, especially our remote learners. Contact ITAMS at with questions and concerns.


The Co-op Program is working with individual students to plan meaningful Co-op experiences for Fall Quarter 2020 in a manner that ensures they are informed about any risks and able to operate following state guidelines in their Co-op location.  Contact Co-op faculty for more information.