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Guide for Winter 2022

Preparing for a safe and healthy term

The country is trending towards a COVID-19 surge, largely due to the emergence of the Omicron variant. In recent weeks, numerous colleges and universities, even those with vaccination requirements, have amended protocols and some have even shifted back to online learning given the rapid spread of COVID-19 across their campuses. This surge has already begun in the State of Ohio.

Given our community’s special living and learning programs on campus and our success thus far in managing COVID-19, we intend to continue to be open for in-person operations for the Winter 2022 term with amended protocols. Specifically, the College is making the following changes to our COVID-19 protocols and procedures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to reduce the likelihood that we will have to return to remote learning:

  • Masking: As a result of the emergence and spread of the Omicron variant, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status must wear masks indoors. This means that students will now be required to wear masks in residence halls and Weston Hall. Students in the dining hall should wear a mask when not actively eating. Note: Individuals alone in a private space (such as an office or residence hall room) are not required to wear a mask.
  • Testing: Regular testing of individuals with vaccination exemptions will continue. In addition, we will resume random testing of vaccinated individuals. This is in response to the high number of asymptomatic, vaccinated individuals who have tested positive for the omicron variant. In addition, all students will be tested at the beginning of the Winter 2022 term and shortly before the second week of the term.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Booster: We strongly encourage all of our students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. When you receive your COVID-19 booster shot, please email documentation to (for staff) or (for students). While we are not requiring the booster at this time, we anticipate that we will require the booster if current trends continue. We will share more information at the start of Winter 2022 term about opportunities to receive the COVID-19 booster in Yellow Springs including a potential booster clinic on campus.
  • Gatherings: While we will not set a limit on gathering size (due to the need for Faculty Meeting, Community Meeting, classes, etc), we strongly encourage people to limit in-person gatherings to less than 10. We want students to have a good experience living and learning on campus and any future recommendations related to student social gatherings will be guided by the Student Affairs team together with the COVID Safety Team, will involve student input, and take into account CDC guidance at the time. We want students to be able to gather in safe and fun ways.
  • Symptoms: Please notify Human Resources (for staff) or the Campus Nurse (for students) if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Symptomatic employees must refrain from coming to campus. Symptomatic students will be moved to our isolation space on campus.

Thank you all for your efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 at Antioch College. So far, our work has been remarkably successful. We are confident that with these additional protocols, we will be able to continue to successfully manage COVID-19 while also sustaining the in-person living and learning that is so important to our Antioch community.


COVID Safety Team

Please learn more about our plans for a safe and healthy term by reviewing each section of this guide for detailed information. Follow the links in the menu for complete details.

NOTE: If you encounter any of the following, students must contact the campus nurse and employees must contact HR immediately:

  • A positive test result for COVID-19.
  • Exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You have traveled overnight and been instructed to isolate and/or quarantine as a result of travel.
  • Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; CDC COVID Self-Checker