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Adjustments are being made to Antioch Kitchens operations and service so that our dining options keep everyone safe, and meet the requirements of social distancing. Examples of safety measures include spreading out hours, scheduling dining times, and providing grab-and-go options in residence halls and Birch Kitchen.

Birch Kitchen will serve as the primary dining hall for Winter 2021; North Kitchen will be closed.

Please note that dining service will be open only to students in Winter 2021.

Access to Dining Hall

Birch Kitchen will have restricted access to the dining hall allowing only students on the meal plan, as well as dining staff during their work hour and individuals performing maintenance or cleaning. This limited access also means that guests, groups, as well as staff and faculty will be prohibited.

Kitchen Annexes

Each floor of the residence halls will have a “Kitchen Annex” which will serve as an extensions of the dining program. Each Annex will be equipped with refrigerators and will be maintained by Antioch Kitchen staff to provide grab-and-go items for times when Birch Kitchen is not serving.



  • Breakfast items provided in the Kitchen Annexes.
  • Baked goods and egg dishes will be provided on alternate days Monday through Friday.


  • Served in Birch Kitchen Monday through Friday 12:00–2:30 PM.


  • Served in Birch Kitchen Monday through Sunday 4:30-7:00 PM.
  • DESSERT will be packaged and available at Friday dinner.

Scheduling Dining Times

  • Students on the meal plan must register for a meal cohort along with course registration. This will determine when and with whom they are able to dine. Lunch and dinner cohorts will likely be different depending on a student’s particular class schedule.
  • Each meal will have 5 cohorts of 20 students that are 30min in length.

Picking up your meal

  • Anyone feeling ill or are experiencing possible symptoms should NOT come to the dining hall—see “Missing a Meal” below.
  • Students must wear a mask until they sit down at a table with their food.
  • Students will come to Birch Kitchen at their scheduled cohort time entering through the upper doors to enter the dorm.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use upon arrival.
  • Meals will be packaged to go (the indoor Birch Dining Room will be closed for Winter Quarter).
  • If a student does not pick up their meal it will be delivered to the appropriate Kitchen Annex for the student to pick up later.

Dining Areas Patio & Outdoor Dining

  • Birch Kitchen will feature expanded patio seating now able to accommodate up to 20 students at a time.
  • There may also be additional picnic table seating in the grassy area above the patio between Birch Hall and Pennell House .
  • There will be a hand wash station and sanitizer stations available for use throughout the dining areas.
  • Each table will have a placemat indicating if the table is clean or dirty (tables will be sanitized between uses by Kitchen staff).
  • Only sit down at a clean table and when you leave just flip the card to the dirty side.
  • There will be a designated refuse area on the patio with trash, compost, and also a bus tub (with disinfectant) to collect utensils after use.

Missing a Meal

  • If you cannot make it to a meal for any reason, you can have a friend (or RA) pick up your meal for you.
  • The Kitchen Staff will need to see a text or email message to release the food.
  • If you are feeling unwell or think you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms do not come to the pickup. Email for meal pickup/delivery options.
  • In addition, if you are planning to not eat a meal from Birch or will be out of town—you can let the kitchen staff know so we can adjust our portions and no food goes to waste! Please note that this will not change the rate being charged per meal.

Quarantine/Isolation Meals

Students in quarantine and/or isolation will be able to choose from a menu of Kitchen Annex items with some additions as well as a shortlist of grocery items.