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Faculty & Staff

Campus Meetings

Where feasible, meetings should be held using Google Meet Video Conferencing. If an online meeting is not possible, in-person meetings must not exceed state, village, or other health restrictions on gathering sizes.

Faculty, staff, and students are expected to communicate with each other as much as possible using technology to ensure social distancing, even when working from onsite.

Working Remotely

While we recognize that much of the College’s work must be completed onsite, employees are encouraged to work remotely to the extent possible. Please refer to the College’s remote work guidelines and procedures (see below).

Remote Work Policy

Because of the extraordinary situation being faced in the world associated with the impacts of COVID-19, and in support of efforts to limit and slow its transmission, Antioch College is implementing a process for Antioch College employees to fulfill some or all of their work responsibilities and requirements from a location off of the Antioch College properties, as appropriate. Employees able to accomplish some or all of their work remotely will do so; working in conjunction with and agreement from their supervisor for the period of this policy.

We understand that employees might not be able to perform all of their job’s essential functions during this temporary period because they will be working remotely. However, given these exigent circumstances, Antioch is temporarily adjusting its policies to allow remote work options. Please understand that this is subject to change.
Remote work allows an employee to work all or part of the work week from a location other than campus. Employees working remotely are subject to all College policies and procedures.

Additionally, employees in a temporary remote work arrangement must agree to the following:

  • Employees working remotely will be solely responsible for the configuration of and all of
    the expenses associated with their remote workspace unless the College expressly agrees
    otherwise. This includes access to an Antioch College laptop or your private computer
    with internet access; a personal phone that you can use for Antioch business; and any
    other material or equipment needed during this time.
  • Remote working includes being fully available to colleagues during work hours (as
    agreed upon with your manager and communicated to your colleagues) via phone, email,
    Google Meet, and/or Zoom.
  • Productive work is expected during remote work.
  • Expectations regarding attendance, communication, deliverables and measuring
    productivity must be established with your supervisor.
  • Institutional documents, reports, records and equipment must be securely stored and
    maintained in accordance with the College’s policies. Employees working remotely are
    responsible for the security of all Antioch College information that they access during
    this time.
  • All employees who are working remotely, including those working with dependents at home,
    must meet the expectations above.
  • If an employee’s manager deems that a temporary remote work arrangement is not working
    effectively or as envisioned at any time, the remote work arrangement can be revised or

Employees in High-risk Health Groups

Employees who are in a high-risk health group and/or live with a family member who is in a high-risk health group can submit a request for COVID-related accommodations to Human Resources ( Requests should be submitted as soon as possible to facilitate preparation for Winter 2021.

Employee Travel

Employee Compliance

Employees must wear face coverings at all times onsite unless they are alone in an individual office space. Employees must also practice appropriate social distancing. See Health & Safety Protocols for additional information.

All employees must sign the Antioch College COVID-19 Safety and Health Community Agreement (note: you must be signed in to your Antioch College Google account to complete this process).


Employees who put others at risk by failing to meet these guidelines should be referred to the Office of Human Resources ( for corrective action.

Antioch Kitchens

Please note that campus dining service will not be available to employees in Fall 2020 in order to limit potential exposure.