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Library & Archives

The Olive Kettering Library is close to the public during the 2020 Fall Quarter. Access to Antiochiana, the College Archives, will be possible by appointment only (see details below).

Library Policies During COVID 19 Pandemic Conditions

The Olive Kettering Library (OKL) will allow regular access to the library only to Antioch College students, faculty, and staff to enter the physical premises of the building as patrons. Other visitors may enter the premises in roles associated with the delivery of goods and/or services or by appointment and must leave immediately upon the completion of duties in those roles.

If you visit the library building you are required to use personal protective equipment in the form of a mask or face shield at all times in the OKL.

The chairs and furniture in the OKL have been arranged to comply with the six-foot distancing protocol. You can adjust chairs to accommodate your needs or comfort, but you must comply with the six-foot distancing rule in any case. Please do not move furniture.

There is lots of space in the OKL. There is also seating, tables, and study carrels in the basement level. For increased safety, we suggest that you find a personal study space with the most distance from other people.

If you want to borrow items from the library you will scan or type in your barcode and the barcodes of items you wish to borrow.

Items that come through interlibrary loan will be held at the circ desk. Ask the circ desk attendant for your item(s).

Computer Stations
The eight computers designated for patron use will be placed in areas that ensure compliance with social distancing protocols. Each station will have sanitization supplies. If you use a computer you must sanitize the keyboard and mouse after use and throw away wipes or materials used for sanitizing.

Library Items
If you take library books or items off the shelf, please don’t reshelf the book. Please place items in a bin that has been marked to receive unshelved items.

Items returned by patrons or found off shelf will be quarantined for 72 hours. These items will be unavailable for checkout during this period. If you want to work with books or materials over a period of days (or weeks) but you don’t wish to check out the items, you may create a “private stack” by leaving a note with your name on it on a neatly arranged stack of items placed on the tables near the circulation desk marked for private stacks.

Only beverages in one-time use receptacles are allowed to be consumed in the library. You can also bring your own cup/mug/drink carrier to the library – just take it with you when you’re done. There will be styrofoam or paper cups available for water or coffee. You can bring canned soft drinks to the library as well, but please throw your cans away when finished. No other food may be consumed in the library. Practices aligned with long-term sustainability will resume after pandemic conditions have subsided.


Antiochiana Policies
Seeking to provide access to its collections for researchers under pandemic restrictions, Antiochiana sets the following conditions:

  • Access is granted by appointment only.
  • Patrons may only visit Antiochian one person at a time.
  • Patrons must wash their hands thoroughly before entering Antiochiana.
  • Patrons must confine themselves to the Reading Room during their visit. They may not enter any other part of Antiochiana including the Rare Book collection. [Until reopening, the rest of Olive Kettering Library remains closed.]
  • Only serious inquiries will be considered for researchers to gain access.
  • Access to research collections shall be limited to a maximum of two hours per visit.
  • To maximize use of limited time, patrons must specify in advance the materials they wish to use and/or the topic(s) they wish to study.
  • Unless completely alone in the Reading Room, the patron and archivist must both wear a face covering at all times.
  • By entering Antiochiana, the patron attests that they have no symptoms of COVID19 nor have had contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID19. Antiochiana reserves the right to deny anyone entry if they exhibit symptoms and the right to end a research visit at any time if a visitor shows any signs of illness. [Note: a quick-check temperature taking device would help ensure visitors are symptom free]
  • Items handled by patrons in the archives will be quarantined for four days before they may be accessed again by patrons.