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Didier Franco outside in a black jacket and white button-up shirt smiling

Didier Franco

Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Culture

Office: 937-319-0083
Location: 311 South Hall

Didier Franco, Instructor of Spanish, received his MA in Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Summa Cum Laude, from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. He has also received a Certificate of Achievement from the College of Graduate Studies and Research, at Northeastern Illinois University. Didier is a member of the SIGMA DELTA PI, National Honor Society in Spanish, The Association of College Honor Societies, and a member of the NACADA, National Academic Advising Association. Didier previously taught both Spanish and Literature at the City Colleges of Chicago. Didier has recently received a certificate from CARLA, The Center for Advanced Research and Language Acquisition, for completion of study in teaching language online. His future research interests include the exploration of various identities in United States Latino literature emphasizing their significance and role in past and modern American Intersectionalism.



  • Master of Arts in Latin American Literatures and Cultures (Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, 2014)
  • Bachelors of Arts in Spanish (Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, 2010)​


  • SPAN 110: Introductory Spanish I Didier expresses his fondness for the Spanish 110 introductory course. This course is designed for students who are new to Spanish or for students with some basic background in the language but need to refresh their skills. The course stands out to Didier as one of his favorites as he enjoys the privilege to first introduce students to Spanish language and culture. SPAN 110 is based on a communicative approach to language learning thus the classroom is always full of new topics, discussions and students begin to incorporate the Spanish language in everyday communication.
  • SPAN 210: Intermediate Spanish I Spanish 210 is the first course in the intermediate level of Spanish and the continuation of Spanish 140. Spanish 210 is the first course that is not a requirement for the college but rather is comprised of students from the first year that choose to devote their time to further learning the Spanish language and possibly continue with the optional 3 year track. The classes are typically smaller than the first year and full of committed, enthusiastic students. As students move forward they are able to build deeper relationships with each other, their instructor and the Spanish language culture. These students are beginning to think more critically and express themselves more deeply in the Spanish language through topics related to their own lives and the global world. Areas of study may include but are not limited to: reading writing and speaking of the Spanish language, as well as culture, literature, film and poetry of the Spanish speaking world.
  • SPAN 320: Advance Spanish II Spanish 320 is a fun course as students are more deeply studying Latin American topics through literature and other authentic texts. Each week the course focuses on a different topic allowing students and the instructor to discuss and think critically about the themes presented. Areas of study may include but not be limited to: love, revolution, family, immigration, identity, social justice and other topics in Latin America. These topics are explored through Latin American film, theater, poetry, literature, articles, biographies and more.