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Jamin Kollasch Digital Headshot Avatar

Jamin Kollasch

Student Success Services Coordinator

Office: 937-319-6213
Location: 219 McGregor Hall


I’m a Student Success Services Coordinator here at Antioch, which essentially just means that I wear many hats and collaborate with stakeholders across the college to make sure students have the things they need. 

Most of my work specifically centers on accommodations and access services for students who have disabilities. I believe this work is integral to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I’ve found no shortage of like-minded collaborators here at Antioch. Prior to working here, I taught English and built accessibility processes and policies at a local career college. I’ve also worked extensively as a tutor at Glendale Community College in Arizona, where I worked with many first generation college students in the ACE program as well as many ESL/ELL students. Working in education is a true joy, and it continues to be a very fulfilling part of my life.

In my personal time, I’m passionate about many things of questionable pragmatic value! I enjoy reading fiction & graphic novels, playing Magic the Gathering, and spending time with family and friends. I love spicy food, rainy days, and hip hop music! I’m also the proud owner of two super rad guinea pigs who are vaguely aware of my existence. 

Antioch’s emphasis on community and engagement resonates strongly with me, and I enjoy our shared commitment to the work we are all privileged to do alongside our truly stellar community members here. I’m always happy to meet new people!