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Michelle Tritschler headshot photo

Michelle Tritschler

Campus Nurse

Office: 937-319-0073
Location: Pennel House

I am Michelle and I have been the campus nurse here at Antioch College since the fall of 2021. My days are filled with a multitude of things from simple issues like a cold or headache or more pressing issues like chronic illness, pregnancy or emotional overload. I will listen, advise and treat anything I have the capabilities of handling and refer to or facilitate care off-campus. I work in the clinic in Pennell House on weekdays from 10am – 6pm. Additionally, I work with our on-campus physician, Dr. Luke Bujenvic (Dr. B for short), who can treat most common issues and refill or prescribe medications as needed. We offer on-demand Covid-19 and pregnancy testing, first aid, treatment of minor injuries or illnesses and can order testing off-campus. I love this community and the people I work with and serve. I am a caregiver by nature and try to offer compassion and support in all areas of my life and work. I believe in Antioch’s mission and I am blessed to be a part of it.

In my spare time (which is almost none) I enjoy movies (Marvel Nerd through and through), spending time with my large family (7 beautiful children, 9 amazing grandchildren), and am also a small business owner. When I am not nursing private clients or on campus, I can be found at my shop, Someday Art Collective & Tattoo, where I am the lead piercer and handle all of the business responsibilities. I am also a cat mom to 5 (insert cat lady joke here).

I am so grateful to be a part of the Student Affairs team and I am excited to watch our team, campus and community grow, adapt, and change as we work towards a “new normal”.