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Robin Littell

Assistant Professor of Writing and Composition

Office: 937-319-0142
Location: McGregor 209 (Inside the Writing Center)

Robin Littell has been teaching English composition courses for over ten years to a diverse
body of traditional and non-traditional students at varying levels of skill and confidence in their
writing. She builds course content in ways that make the writing process meaningful and
engaging, leading students to develop a “tool kit” that is transferable from class to class and
beyond. Through careful attention to student needs, Robin creates a learning environment that
is supportive yet challenges students to do their best work.

Robin also teaches and writes short fiction and has numerous publications and
acknowledgments for her work. Her focus is currently flash fiction, a literary genre with a vibrant
history in which attention to the narrative arc, language, and image is vital because of the limited
space of the form. Her protagonists are women who often break convention and challenge
contemporary societal expectations, along with those whose stories illuminate the difficult and
tenuous nature of romantic and familial relationships. Robin has been the writer in residence at
the Dickinson House and Spark Box Studio in Olsene, Belgium and Ontario, Canada,
respectively. She is the winner of the 2018 Vella Chapbook contest, which resulted in the
publication of her chapbook Flight.

Selected Courses

ENG 101 Plus (Formerly ENG 090 College Writing Skills)
ENG 105 English Composition (Formerly Global Seminar in Writing)
ENG 251 Expository Writing: Writing for the Arts
ENG 251 Expository Writing: Nature Writing
ENG 350 Advanced Creative Writing: Flash Fiction
GS 140 Global Seminar: Water
LIT 243 Intro to Cinema


M.F.A., Creative Writing (Fiction), Miami University
M.A., English, National University
Thesis – Dividing the Mind: Connections to the Uncanny in The Yellow Wallpaper and
Reading Lolita In Tehran
B.A., Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Ohio State University


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