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Stephanie Witechowsky

Administrative Support Specialist for Cooperative, International, & Experiential Education

Office: (937) 319-0090
Location: South Hall

Stephanie Witechowsky is an Administrative Support Specialist in Cooperative, Experiential & International Education (Co-Op). She is currently earning her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in Spiritual Psychology and Creative Expression, with certifications in Creative Expression, Ecopsychology, Transformational Alchemy, and Dream Studies. She has previously been an English Teacher in Shanghai China for three years, and a Massage Therapy Instructor. She is part of a developing master’s student newsletter entitled Sofia’s Wisdom, and assists other students in developing Graduate workshops. She looks forward to developing research for her PhD in the next few years. She believes that experiential education is the backbone of healthy personal development and that moving outside of our comfort zone is the best way to truly know ourselves.