Stand for Justice

Antioch College stands with those honoring the memory of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, John Crawford, Tony McDade, and too many more, including those whose names we do not know; Antioch College stands with the principle that Black Lives Matter; Antioch College stands in solidarity with our past present and future Black community members; and Antioch College stands against police brutality and anti-Black racism plaguing our country. Click for more.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Campus will reopen for Fall 2020 as scheduled. Click to read announcements and find more information.


Own Your Education

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Live a life

of intention.

As an Antiochian, youtogether we
will win victories for humanity.

You will join a

collaborative community.

Students and faculty collaborate closely on learning projects. All Antiochians contribute to community governance. Your voice will contribute to building a better Antioch College every day.


You will engage in

real-world experiences.

Antiochians don’t just sit in a classroom learning about the world. You will experience the world off campus through our Cooperative Education Program, or “Co-op.” You may even get paid for the work.


Then, you will become

a force for positive change.

Since the college’s founding, its students and alumni have worked toward social and ecological justice. Our mission, to “win victories for humanity” is woven through our curriculum, into the fabric of campus life, and drives alumni engagement the world over.

Your voice will be heard

Student to Faculty Ratio – 4:1

You will get real experience.

Full-time Work (Co-Op) Experiences Required to Graduate – 3

You may find us more affordable than you think.

Percentage of Students Who Receive Financial Aid – 100%

We’re an active community.

You will get real experience.

Full-time Work (Co-Op) Experiences

The most formative experiences I’ve had at Antioch have happened with my community.”

Engage in This Moment

Amid the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, these are important times to stay connected, to share our stories, and to apply our creativity and resilience as we find new ways of working, living, and caring for one another.

THINK ACT CONNECT provides a platform for sharing ideas and stories to connect within our community and with those who share the Antiochian calling to win victories for humanity.

Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19, in person events are currently cancelled. The following are virtual events.

Antioch Placeholder

October 15 - October 18

Reunion 2020

Featured News
Black Student Union Awards
Black Student Union Awards

The Black Student Union (BSU) was founded almost two years ago and was based on students wanting to have Black community and wanting to find solutions for the challenges that we find troubling on our campus, community, and outside that radius. The...

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10 Day Challenge: My Love Can Change My World

10 Day Challenge: My Love Can Change My World

My Love Can Change My World is a ten-day challenge created by Nzingha Dalila, Director of Counseling Services. Are you up for a challenge? The 10-Day My Love Can Change My World Challenge was created by Nzingha Dalila, Director of Counseling...

Week 1: Building a Mud Oven

Week 1: Building a Mud Oven

As part of their Resilience in the Anthropocene: Natural Building course taught during the Spring of 2020, Beth Bridgeman and Marianthe Bickett ’15 had planned to build a mud oven together with their students. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they had...

Yellow Springs Council Declares Racism a “Public Health Crisis”

Yellow Springs Council Declares Racism a “Public Health Crisis”

On June 15, the Village Council has declared racism a public health crisis and made a commitment to taking “meaningful action” in response to the “death, trauma and injury caused by institutional racism.” As the Yellow Springs News reports, “The...