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Community-Based Learning

ANTIOCH COLLEGE Community-Based Learning Presents:

Program Overview

Enroll by November 9th!

Antioch College is pleased to invite non-degree seeking Miami Valley community members into a special selection of classes on the Antioch College campus during our November-December block. These courses feature Antioch faculty teaching from their core scholarship through hands-on engagement with materials and spirited dialogue with other participants— including full-time Antioch College students.

There are no prerequisites to enroll, however community participants should reserve time for course readings and plan to attend all sessions in person on the Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

These courses are offered as a non-credit audit option.

Course descriptions, meetings time, and costs are described below for each class offering. Enrollment closes on November 9th.


2022 Nov-Dec (ND) Block Course Offerings

ICPE 105: American Sign Language I:
An Introduction to Deaf Culture

Four (4) week class meeting M-F 4-4:50pm starting Wednesday, November 16th through Friday, December 9th.

American Sign Language I is an experimental course taught by Antioch College President Jane Fernandes. A member of the deaf community, Jane is a pioneering leader in deaf education, social justice, and student advocacy.

This course introduces the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and is designed for students who have little or no previous knowledge of ASL. Information about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture will be introduced as well as visual-gestural communication techniques, ASL conversation skills and other learning readiness approaches. This is a unique opportunity. Note: class will not meet on November 23, 25, and 26 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Course Fee: $150


FARM 101: Ecological Growing Practicum:
Craft, Quality, and Containers in a Post-Carbon World

Five (5) day class, meeting Wednesday, November 16th through Friday November, 18th and Monday and Tuesday, November 21st-22nd, 12:00pm-3:50pm.

Craft has a complex history, at times contributing to egalitarianism and at times disenfranchising or restricting those who devote their lives to a particular trade. Craft centers a powerful form of group identity. Many forms of craft have now been lost; marginalized and replaced by mechanization and mass production. As we move toward a post-carbon, post-plastic world, there is a renewed interest in craft. We will focus our efforts on containers, utilizing the Antioch Farm and environs to make a variety of cordage, baskets and bowls from reed, cane, straw, sweetgrass, nettle, cattails and wood splints. Additional materials will also be provided.

Taught by Beth Bridgeman, Associate Professor of Cooperative Education and Sustainable Practice, this course engages Antioch’s high-production microfarm as a point of entry to ‘making’ as a practice of sustainability.

Course Fee: $150


ANTH 270: COINTELPRO – Theories of Power and Violence

Four (4) week class, meeting M-F from 9am-10:50am starting Wednesday, November 16th to Friday, December 16th.

Within anthropology, one cannot uncover “culture” without also uncovering power, violence and resistance. In this course, students will examine theories of power and violence as it connects to the political repression of activists through the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO). In order to understand the scope and scale of repression of COINTELPRO, one must first understand what it was that the U.S. government was trying to eliminate. Who were they targeting and why? What were these collective individuals calling out and dismantling? What is agitation and what is control? The survey of writings, speeches, films, and music will ground the exploration and encourage students to re-think how social movements are understood in the past and present.

Taught by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Jennifer Grubbs, this course will gather in the Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom (CSKC) at Antioch College. The location of the course is not accidental; within the walls of the CSKC, the words of revolutionaries will resound. Each class, we will focus on a different theorist who has significantly contributed to the ways in which both domination and resistance can be understood. COINTELPRO is our case study, but the framework can be applied to analyze many other historical and contemporary examples where cultural and intellectual freedom is threatened. Echoing the words of French theorist, Michel Foucault, “Where there is power, there is resistance.”

Note: class will not meet November 23, 25, and 26 there are no classes for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Course Fee: $250



Registration for the 2022 ND Block is now closed. Please check back for future offerings in Antioch College’s Community-Based learning for the July-August (JA) Block.