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Education Should be Liberatory

We think we’ve got something special going at Antioch College. For over 100 years, we have been a college that changes lives through our signature combination of community, classroom, and co-op. Today, we are a small place of belonging and abundance. You will work closely with faculty mentors and advisors to design your own path through our curriculum and other offerings. You’ll graduate with a distinct degree that reflects your interests, significant work experience, and little to no debt. From there, you will join a long line of changemakers to create a world that works better for everyone.

Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Focuses and Independent Pathways

We aren’t like every other college and we don’t try to be. Every Antiochian designs their own path through our wide-ranging curricular offerings from the divisions of Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Cooperative Education.

Universal Requirements

  • Cooperative Education: At least three full-time work experiences during your time at Antioch. These aren’t extra or optional – they are fully embedded in your academic program and reflected on your transcript.
  • Essential Skills: Every student leaves Antioch with skills in Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Language and Culture. These skills are deeply prized in the world and in the job market.
  • General Education: The Antioch experience includes a signature series of unique courses, including Antioch Commons, Dialogue across Difference, the Antioch Seminar, Coop Prep, Design your own Degree, Senior Reflection Paper, and a Capstone in your primary disciplinary division. Together, these courses help you succeed in college, engage a multicultural world, and integrate all of your learning.

Self-Designed Major

Antioch students learn about the complexity of the world by pursuing their own path through one of five interdisciplinary focuses:

Meaningful Work

Beyond the classroom, all Antioch students acquire meaningful work experience on-campus and off. We think this helps you develop your own sense of purpose while preparing for the world after Antioch. We find that graduates have a leg up on their peers when it comes to the job market.

  • Cooperative Education: While on co-op terms, you will gain at least three full-time work experiences.
  • Antioch College Works: While on study terms, you will get to work at one of our campus learning hubs or other key campus offices. Antioch College couldn’t work without our students!

Holistic Advising

Mentoring is the secret sauce of a liberal arts education. We care about your success and you will have a crew rooting for you: a primary faculty advisor, cooperative education advisor, language advisor, and student affairs professionals in the Student Success Center.

Beyond general advising, we offer pre-professional advising for careers that require certification beyond the Antioch degree to enter, advance, or practice:

Learning in Action: Campus Learning Hubs

Antioch students don’t only learn about ideas in the classroom. They put their learning into action in the world. This happens on campus through community governance and in the world through cooperative education. It also happens on campus “learning hubs” that connect Antioch to the surrounding community:

You will also learn, work, and practice alongside community members at Community-Based Institutes and Workshops.

Main Disciplinary Areas of Knowledge



Environmental Sciences


Media Arts


Visual Arts




Languages & Culture (French and Spanish)




Political Economy


Social Enterprise and Innovation

Academic Resources

Design your own degree and your path to achieving it

Students design their own pathways to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. In their second year, they enroll in a Design Your Degree course that helps them articulate their program vision, goals and course lists. Student degree plans can be focused around a single theme, or as multi-disciplinary as our courses and our faculty. All Antioch students continue to participate in the College’s signature Cooperative Education program, which includes periods of full-time work, research, or other off-campus experiential opportunities.

In a traditional college, you declare your intent to pursue a prescribed major that has been designed by someone else. Here, the faculty guide you through a process that will help you to affirm and interrogate your vision, gain new skills, and prepare you for the life you envision for yourself after Antioch.

Your degree will include

Curricular AreaCredits
General Education54
Language and Culture12
Cooperative Education36
SustainabilityCredited above
Total Credits to a Degree180