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Take Ownership of your Education

Why Design
Your Own Degree?

The answer is simple: Resolving today’s complex social and ecological problems requires adopting perspectives that are as unique as our students’ backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. At Antioch College, faculty will guide you down a path of self-directed study in which you engage a core topic through a range of academic disciplines and real-world experiences. By allowing you to choose which major-related courses you will take to meet your individual academic goals and interests, we hope to prepare you to be world-ready, not just job-ready.

Areas of Study

You are supported to develop a self-designed major around areas of study in which the faculty have expertise and regularly offer courses. The following list provides you with a snapshot of commonly pursued areas of study supported by our faculty.

Regardless of what you choose to study, you may add an optional focus to your degree:

Academic Divisions

Design your own degree and your path to achieving it

Students design their own pathways to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. In their second year, they enroll in a Design Your Degree course that helps them articulate their program vision, goals and course lists. Student degree plans can be focused around a single theme, or as multi-disciplinary as our courses and our faculty. All Antioch students continue to participate in the College’s signature Cooperative Education program, which includes periods of full-time work, research, or other off-campus experiential opportunities.

In a traditional college, you declare your intent to pursue a prescribed major that has been designed by someone else. Here, the faculty guide you through a process that will help you to affirm and interrogate your vision, gain new skills, and prepare you for the life you envision for yourself after Antioch.

Your degree will include

Curricular AreaCredits
General Education54
Language and Culture12
Cooperative Education36
SustainabilityCredited above
Total Credits to a Degree180