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Do you want to take a holistic approach to healing and community health?

A wide variety of medical professions, including dental, medical, nurse practitioner, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, veterinary, and more all require a similar core education. Students interested in these opportunities are advised to pursue the Bachelor of Science degree. 

Who is this for?

While students interested in this track will complete a degree heavy with coursework in biology, they must also develop a broad understanding of chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, and sociology in order to be most successful, in addition to more specialized areas particular to each future profession. Please contact our pre-medical and pre-health advisors for further information.

Notable Health and Medical Alumni

  • Barbara Almond (B.S. 1959), psychiatrist and psychoanalyst
  • Mario Capecchi (B.S. 1961), co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007
  • Don Clark (1953), clinical psychologist, author
  • George W. Comstock (1937), physician, public health expert, lead researcher in seminal studies demonstrating the effectiveness of isoniazid for treating latent tuberculosis infection
  • Sheena Hill (2005), psychotherapist and parenting coach. Founder of Parenting Works.
  • Richard Pillard (1955), professor of psychiatry at Boston University; first openly gay psychiatrist in the U.S.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Service Advisors

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