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Social Enterprise and Social Innovation

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Do you want to change the world by creating a socially conscious organization?

Students pursuing the SEI focus study social enterprises, the digital economy, transnational corporations, supply chains, financial institutions, and the nonprofit sector. All students develop a draft business plan and take a course in accounting.


Who is this for?

The SEI focus provides a pathway to study how purpose-driven enterprises can develop innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. Students will envision how public policies, technologies, business models, and government institutions might be reconfigured to address the problems facing our global community.

What You’ll Study

Non Divisional 

  • SEI 110 Introduction to SEI
  • SEI 150 Accounting for SEI
  • SEI 240 Enterprise, Politics and Society
  • SEI 299: Special Topics in SEI
  • SEI 399: Special Topics in SEI


  • VISA 102 Stuff
  • VISA 165 Art History Art Stories
  • VISA/MEDA 215 Just Design
  • VISA 265 Visual and Cultural Studies
  • VISA/MEDA 315 Socially Conscious Design
  • MEDA 355 Experimental Media-Interactivity Design


  • HIST 110 Ohio Stories; Social Enterprise Edition
  • HIST 335 History of an Institution

Math & Science

  • MATH 105 Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH 205 Intermediate Statistics
  • MATH 270

Social Sciences

  • PECO 110 Principles of Economics
  • PECO 220 Introduction to Macro and Micro Economic Theory
  • PECO 280 Globalization and Development
  • PECO 285 Capital in the Digital Era
  • PECO 385: Transnational Corporations