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First-Year Applicants

When to apply

First-year students may enter Antioch College in either the Fall or mid-way through the year in the Winter quarter.

For fall entry, first-year applicants have three options for applying: Early Decision I, Early Decision II or Regular Decision.  

For winter entry, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through October 15.

Fall (August) Entry

Early Decision Plans

Apply Early Decision if you feel strongly that Antioch is your first choice and are ready to commit to attend the College if offered admission. When you apply Early Decision, you confirm that they have filed no other Early Decision applications and will withdraw any regular applications if admitted to Antioch College. We review Early Decision candidates by the same standards as all other applicants. Applicants are reminded to complete the FAFSA immediately upon submission of the application for admission.

Early Decision applicants get priority consideration for merit scholarships as we award your merit aid as soon as we notify you on admission to the College. 

Early Decision I

Application Deadline: November 15
Notification: December 15
Reply/Deposit: January 15

Early Decision 2

Application Deadline: January 2
Notification: February 1
Reply/Deposit: March 1

Regular Decision Plan

We read Regular Decision applications on a rolling basis. This means we will have an admission decision for you no more than two weeks after we receive your completed application. Our Priority Deadline for financial aid is February 1. We encourage you to complete your FAFSA as soon as possible.

Application Deadline: Rolling
Priority Deadline: February 1
Notification: Rolling
Reply/Deposit: Rolling until May 1; reply in one month if admitted April 1 or later

Winter (January) Entry

This entry-point is ideal for students who must delay the start of their first year. Please be sure to submit the FAFSA at the time of your application so there is no delay in receiving your financial aid award.

Application Deadline: October 15
Notification: November 15
Reply/Deposit: December 15

Financial Aid

All domestic students must complete the FAFSA. The Department of Education releases the FAFSA each year on Oct. 1 for the following academic year.

Click here to read more about grants and scholarships.

How to apply

You have multiple options for submitting your application. You may submit through Common App or use Antioch College’s internal application system. We encourage first-year students to use Common App as your school counselor and teachers can upload materials to your application directly through Naviance and Parchment.

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