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Academic advising is a cornerstone at Antioch.

Every student is assigned a three-member faculty advising team: academic advisor, co-op advisor, and language advisor, as well as a student success coordinator in Student Affairs. Each term, academic advisors help students register for classes and develop a degree plan. Just as important, a faculty advising team helps students find connections between their classrooms, co-ops, and community engagement. Through this holistic approach, students identify interests and develop their purpose by exploring a range of career possibilities, graduate school options, and other personal goals.

Some career goals require post-baccalaureate certification or graduate credentials in order to enter, advance, or practice in the professional field. For instance, education certification, social work licensure, or a law degree. Beginning fall 2023, we are investing additional resources in pre-professional advising to help illuminate pathways into some of those professions where Antiochians have long successfully entered, often through alternative pathways:

Pre-professional advisors are knowledgeable about a specialized professional field and keep current as it evolves, including around credentials and requirements you will need beyond your BA or BS degree from Antioch. Pre-professional advisors may host group information sessions and gatherings, as well as provide individual advice and support regarding courses, co-ops, activities, and other experiences at Antioch that can put you on a path to successfully entering these professions.