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Hello Antioch Student!

Through our campus jobs program, known as Antioch College Works (ACW), you get to join a work crew and contribute between 5 to 15 hours per week at one of our campus learning hubs or core operations. In addition to enhancing your resume through the development of workplace skills, you will join a tight-knit community of peers and College staff who bring a sense of connection and purpose to the work at hand.

All full-time students who live on campus are required to participate. For your first five hours worked each week you earn the Antioch College Work Program Tuition Grant. Any additional hours beyond the first five are optional, as you may prefer to prioritize your studies and work only your first five hours. If you prefer to work more hours, you may work a second 5 hours per week for a paycheck. And, if you are in good academic standing, you are eligible for a third 5 hours per week. 

How to Find and Apply for a Campus Job

We work with you to find and apply for the right fit ACW job. Each position is designed to support students in skill-building, teamwork, and active contribution to the community. Accommodations for you — which may include health concerns—regarding campus jobs are arranged in coordination with the Dean of Students and Student Success Office.

  1. Read through the job postings.
  2. Submit an email application for the job(s) in which you are interested.
  3. If you are offered and accept a campus ACW student position, your supervisor will complete a Work Authorization Form (WAF) and send it to HR. 
  4. If you have worked on campus before and no information such as your address, tax withholdings, or bank information has changed, you are ready to begin work, including being eligible for paycheck hours.

How to get get paid:

If you have not worked in a campus job before, and would like to earn paycheck hours, you will need to complete payroll paperwork BEFORE you can earn any paycheck hours. You may schedule an appointment with Human Resources by emailing or call 937-319-0246. First-time student workers who wish to earn paycheck hours will be required to provide some documents at this time.

  1. For the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form: The I-9 requires very specific forms of identification. Most people use either a passport OR driver’s license AND social security card. For a full list of  acceptable documents you can go to the UCIS I-9 Form Central site
  2. For Direct Deposit: You will need the bank 9-digit routing number and your account number to set up direct deposit of your paycheck. You can use a voided check or a letter from your bank.

Record your hours each time you work. Supervisors will approve your hours through our digital time card system every two weeks. To ensure a timely pay, you must properly complete the digital time punches every shift. Contact your supervisor if you miss a punch. Late timesheets will be paid the following pay period.

For Cooperative Education positions please contact the Cooperative Education Advising Faculty.  

ACW student positions are also available with local non-profit organizations in the Yellow Springs community. They are included in the Student Job Listings below. Most of these positions are supported by the Miller Fellowship program through the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, and some are available to students part-time to meet their work requirement during a study term or full-time in a Cooperative Education (Co-op) term.