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Public Safety

The Public Safety 24-hour cell phone number is 937-776-0660.

This phone is carried by Public Safety personnel 24/7.

The Public Safety office is located in South Hall, Suite 318.

Antioch College’s Public Safety Department is a professional force of security officers. The primary function of the Public Safety Department is to protect the people and property of Antioch College.

The Antioch College Public Safety Department is not a commissioned law enforcement agency, nor do personnel within the department have arrest authority. Rather, the department is designed to help keep the likelihood of criminal activity to a minimum and to keep the campus community aware of any safety/security issues. The Public Safety officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Antioch College. Public Safety officers respond to calls for assistance regarding crimes committed both on and off campus where Antioch College sponsors student activities. Some of these areas may include the Glen Helen Preserve as well as Co-op assignments anywhere in the world. Serious criminal incidents including all felony crimes are referred to the local police who have jurisdiction on campus.

The Public Safety office maintains a highly professional working relationship with the Yellow Springs Police Department as well as other local, state and federal agencies. The Public Safety Department does not have any Memoranda of Understandings with any agency.

In addition, the Public Safety office also maintains all records of crimes committed on and off campus where our students are engaged in academic studies or other Antioch College sponsored events. These statistics also include all Clery Reportable Crimes going back for a period of three (3) years. This information is readily available on the Antioch College website under the Public Safety page. This includes the current Daily Crime Report and Daily Fire Report. For those unable to access the internet, the Public Safety Department can provide hard copies of these reports upon request. No identifying information is released in these reports as it pertains to survivors, witnesses, complainants or respondents.

Additional Public Safety reports, policies and procedures: