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Experience Meaningful Work at Antioch College

At Antioch College, we believe that meaningful work is a cornerstone of the educational journey. Our dual work program, comprising Cooperative Education and Antioch College Works (ACW) campus jobs, provides students with invaluable opportunities to gain professional experience and contribute to our vibrant community.

Cooperative Education

For over 100 years, all students have participated in our pioneering Cooperative Education program, engaging in at least three full-time, compensated work opportunities to advance their professional and educational goals locally, nationally or internationally. Known as “Co-op,” students spend about one-third of their time at Antioch building workplace skills, a strong resume, and a professional network to advance their future careers.

Learn more about Co-op by visiting this link.

Read about first hand student Co-op experiences here.


Antioch College Works Campus Jobs

More recently, the value of campus work has become increasingly important to our students and community life. Through the Antioch College Works program, students get to join a work crew and contribute up to 15 hours per week at one of our campus learning hubs or core operations. This is one of the many ways students make our community work while gaining meaningful experience and helping to cover the costs of their education in the process.

Campus Work Crews

When not on co-op, students are found working in all areas of the College. Students can choose to cultivate sustainable practices at our Antioch micro-Farm and Farm-to-Table kitchens, or add to local and national justice efforts of the Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom. Students work alongside arts professionals at The Foundry Theater, or assist in art exhibitions at The Herndon Gallery. Work crews help run the Olive Kettering Library, with opportunities in the student success center or cultivate entrepreneurialism in the C-Shop. Students also may gain a holistic approach to individual and community health at our Wellness Center, which is open to Antioch and the Yellow Springs community. Whatever work crew a student joins, they will both join a tight-knit community and gain meaningful work experience along the way.

Visit our Antioch College Works Page here to learn more about campus jobs and opportunities.

Mari Smith works the sound board at WYSO
A student carries hay across the Antioch Farm

We are committed to educational access. 

We believe cost should not be a barrier to education. Through scholarships, grants and our dual work program, Antioch creates equitable opportunities for all students. While 79% of our student body is Pell-eligible, all of our students participate in making college affordable for everyone. Check out our FAQs for more information.

Antioch College graduates go into the world with a distinctive degree reflecting their interests, practical experience putting ideas into action, and little to no debt. Graduates are ready to seek their fourth job, not their first job.

90% of Antioch graduates report that within 6 months of graduation, they are meaningfully employed, enrolled in graduate school, or a global service opportunity that aligns with their career goals, as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (from Bachelor’s Degree Assessment Report 2023).

Antiochians have always been changemakers, committed to creating a world that works for everyone. We invite you to experience college not only as a time of expansive learning, but also of exploration of meaningful work opportunities near and far, while taking collective action towards winning victories for humanity.