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Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors and community-based organizations are an important resource for future Antiochians. Our goal is to make it easy for you to access the tools and information you need.

We offer:

  • Self-designed majors that students can tailor to their talents and interests.
  • Cooperative Education program that places students in real-world field experiences, most often compensated placements.
  • A campus committed to community governance and explorations in the democratic process
  • Generous financial aid packages that award their academic successes and account for their need

our most successful applicants have: 

  • A strong academic record
  • Foreign language study
  • Four years of English, math, science and social studies
  • A history of work, volunteer and/or leadership experience
  • Participation in extracurricular activities

A Quick Guide to Antioch College:


Self Designed Major: All students complete a self-designed major leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree. Generally, our faculty have expertise in the following core disciplines: anthropology, biomedical science, environmental science, history, literature and writing, media arts, performance, political economy, psychology, philosophy.

Cooperative Education program that places students in real-world field experiences, most often compensated placements. We’ve placed students in full-time assignments in cities throughout the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Co-op placements can be preprofessional in nature (science students in particular look for placements in labs and hospitals) but they are also an opportunity for students to learn new skills, visit new places, and explore the world beyond their areas of comfort. 


All Undergraduate Enrollment | Fall 2017


  • Female:     62%
  • Male:     38%
  • LBTQIA Identified     19%


  • Asian:     4%
  • Black/African American:     10%
  • Hispanic/Latino:     14%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:     1%
  • White:     59%
  • Two or More Races:     10%
  • Race/ethnicity Unknown:     3%

Student Academic Profile

Academic Background – High School GPA

Antioch College does not require a high school GPA to consider students for admission to the college, as we understand some students may attend high schools that do not award letter or numerical grants, while other students may complete a homeschool curriculum. Among students enrolled as first time college students in the fall of 2018, 94 percent submitted transcripts with GPAs. The College considers the unweighted GPA when evaluating transcripts. 

Average high school GPA among first time college students: 3.08

Percent who had GPA of 3.75 and higher 11.77%
Percent who had GPA between 3.50 and 3.74 17.65%
Percent who had GPA between 3.25 and 3.49 11.77%
Percent who had GPA between 3.00 and 3.24 11.77%
Percent who had GPA between 2.50 and 2.99 32.35%
Percent who had GPA between 2.0 and 2.49 14.71%
Percent who had GPA between 1.0 and 1.99 0.00%
Percent who had GPA below 1.0 0.00%

Academic Background – Test Scores

Though test scores are never required, some students choose to submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications. 

SAT Scores 

  SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing SAT Math
700-800 25.00% 12.50%
600-699 37.50% 25.00%
500-599 25.00% 37.50%
400-499 12.50% 12.50%
300-399 0.00% 12.50%
200-299 0.00% 0.00%
  100.00% 100.00%

ACT Scores

  ACT Composite ACT English ACT Math
30-36 50.00% 50.00% 25.00%
24-29 25.00% 25.00% 25.00%
18-23 25.00% 25.00% 25.00%
12-17     25.00%
Below 6      
  100.00% 100.00% 100.00%

Application Review

We are looking for students who demonstrate strong academic abilities, creativity, a willingness to work hard and contribute to community, as well as those who exhibit determination, self-awareness and maturity.

Most successful applicants have a strong academic record, as evidenced by transcripts showing four years of secondary study in the humanities, social sciences, arts and sciences. Students should be comfortable expressing themselves in writing, as self-reflection is a key element of our educational model. We also look for a record of extracurricular activities, work and volunteer experience, and language study. 

But we also recognize that each student comes to us with their own particular experiences, educational backgrounds, interests and strengths. And we consider all of the particulars of an applicant’s history when making a decision on admission.

Test scores are never required. However, if a student has strong scores, they may be eligible for additional merit aid and/or may be able to earn credits toward their degree should they be admitted to Antioch College.

What we consider

  Very Important Important Considered Not Considered
Rigor of secondary school record X      
Class rank     X  
   Academic GPA X      
Standardized test scores     X  
Application Essay X      
Recommendation(s) X      
Interview   X    
Extracurricular activities   X    
Talent/ability X      
Character/personal qualities X      
First generation     X  
Alumni/ae relation     X  
Geographical residence       X
State residency       X
Religious affiliation/commitment       X
Racial/ethnic status     X  
Volunteer work   X    
Work experience   X    
Level of applicant’s interest X      

Financial Aid

Cost should not be a barrier to education, and Antioch College does all it can to provide students with the maximum need- and merit-based aid for which they are qualified.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, all students attending Antioch College received some need- or merit-based financial aid. The College awarded $2.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants.

  • The average aid package in the 2016-2017 academic year was $35,636.
  • We award both merit- and need-based scholarships and grants.
  • Merit awards are guaranteed for four years of attendance. Need awards are recalculated each year with a new FAFSA submission.
  • Students and families should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. We do not use the CSS Profile.