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Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

  • The Emergency Notification System is used to communicate emergencies on campus and at times in Yellow Springs if in close proximity to the College. This will send you a text and email alert of weather emergencies, College closings due to weather, or other emergencies. This will also alert you to crimes on or near campus that show a pattern.

    It is highly recommended that you sign up for this Emergency Notification so that you are aware of what is going on around or on campus.

    Also, in the event of emergencies you will be given instructions on how to remain safe and whether or not you should shelter in place. You will receive updates in real time and an "All Clear" once the emergency no longer exists.

    Please fill out and submit the form below to receive these notifications. Submissions go to the Director of Public Safety.

  • By providing this information, you agree to receive Emergency Notifications in the form of a text messages as well as to your Antioch College email address.

    Emergency Notifications are sent out for the following reasons, but not limited to these reasons listed.

    • Weather-related emergencies
    • College closing due to weather or other emergency
    • Imminent threat to campus due to crime
    • Update status of a current emergency alert