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Do you have a passion for sharing knowledge with others?

Engage with a rich liberal arts curriculum to develop your self-design degree while working closely with faculty with experience in the field of education. Through the many areas of study, such as literature, history, art, science, and math, within our liberal arts curriculum, you will develop a critical analytical lens to understand social issues found within the field of education.

As an Antioch student, you will also participate in Cooperative Education opportunities that are aligned with your areas of study. These experiences position you well for post-graduation opportunities in the field of education.

These experiences position you well for post-graduation opportunities in the field of education. While a Bachelor’s degree from Antioch College does not provide licensure in the state where you plan to teach, it does position you for alternative pathways to licensure, private education teaching opportunities, and/or graduate programs.

Who is this for?

This is for students who want to dive deeply into a content area toward a post-baccalaureate goal of sharing that knowledge in an educational environment. Upon graduation, depending on the area of interest, students may begin working in the field of education or may continue into a graduate program focus on teaching.

What You’ll Study

Students may apply any area of study, grounded within our divisions, to work in the field of education. Additionally, students should consider taking courses that are relevant to the field of education such as developmental psychology and statistics. Working closely with your advisor, students will identify relevant coursework based on their area of interest.


Notable Alumni in Education

  • Edythe Scott Bagley (1947), Professor of Theater and Performing Arts, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
  • Drucilla Cornell (1978), philosopher, feminist theorist, and legal theorist
  • Shelton H. Davis (1965), public-interest anthropologist
  • Lisa Delpit (1974), author of Other People’s Children; director of the Center for Urban Educational Excellence
  • Frances Degen Horowitz (B.A. 1954), educator and psychologist, President Emerita of City University of New York Graduate School and University Center.
  • Deborah Meier (1954), educator, considered the founder of the modern small schools movement
  • Tom Mooney (educator) (B.A. 1975), American labor leader and teacher
  • Brian Shure (B.A. 1974), teaching in the printmaking department at Rhode Island School of Design since 1996
  • James A.F. Stoner (B.S. in engineering science in 1959) Holder of James A.F. Stoner Chair in Global Quality Leadership at Fordham University, author.

Pre-Education Advisors

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