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Students work with faculty advisors to devise self-designed majors. Coursework in the major builds upon students’ experiences in the general education curriculum while providing students with pathways to deepen their knowledge or further develop their passion in a particular area of study.

Why study literature and writing at Antioch College

Read widely. The literature curriculum covers canonical and popular works by authors from around the world, across genres, from the early modern period to the 21st century. Think broadly. You will learn to substantiate your individual emotional responses to literature with habits of contextual, analytical reading, considering the histories and identities of authors and audiences that come together in multiple textual meanings. Communicate effectively. Classroom discussion and course assignments will help you to develop creative, insightful ideas thoroughly supported by textual evidence, which you will practice communicating in both oral and written modes. Innovate, experiment, experience. From interacting with the Dayton Peace Museum to curating book displays on LGBTQ literature for a popular audience, to trying your hand at a ghazal in poetry workshops, experiential learning has a central place in the literature classroom.

Students of literature often pursue professions in fields such as writing, education, law, library science, health sciences, publishing, business, social work, non-profits, public relations and entertainment, and the tech and information industries.

Courses that can support your interests

Course No.TitleCredits
LIT 101 Close and Critical4
LIT 130 Literature and Social Justice4
LIT 211 Questions of Canon4
LIT 220Intro to World Literature4
LIT 245Literary Periods I (Before 1848)4
LIT 246Literary Periods II (After 1848)4
LIT 301 Introduction to Literary Theory4
LIT 325 Literature and Power4
LIT 360 Studies in American Literature4
LIT 361 Studies in British Literature4
LIT 362 Studies in World Literature4
LIT 370 Special Topics in Literature 4
Please see the Curriculum Catalog for additional courses in Literature.
Course No.TitleCredits
ENG 251Expository Writing 4
ENG 351Advanced Expository Writing4
LIT 250 Creative Writing4
LIT 350 Advanced Creative Writing4
LIT 399 Advanced Independent Study1-4



Brooke Bryan, MA

Brooke Bryan, MA

Dean of Cooperative, Experiential, and International Education<br /> ; Associate Professor of Writing, Aesthetics & Digital Studies<br />

Selected Courses:

  • ENG 251: Expository Writing: Personal Scholarly Narrative
  • ENG 351: Advanced Expository Writing: Long-form Creative Nonfiction
  • LIT 299: Professional & Technical Writing
Robin Littell, MFA

Robin Littell, MFA

Assistant Professor of Writing and Composition

Selected Courses:

  • ENG 101: English Composition Plus
  • ENG 105: English Composition
  • ENG 251: Expository Writing
  • ENG 250: Creative Writing
  • ENG 350: Advanced Creative Writing
Natalie Suzelis, PhD

Natalie Suzelis, PhD

Assistant Professor of Literature

Selected Courses: