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Antioch Writers’ Workshop returns to its originary campus in July 2024

The Antioch Writers’ Workshop is a space for writers working in all genres to gather in craft and camaraderie. Relaunched by Antioch College in 2024, the AWW is offered on the historic grounds of the Antioch College campus as an annual program of The Antioch Review. Support for this project was provided by the Great Lakes Colleges Association through its Global Crossroads Initiative, made possible by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.  

 July 8-12, 2024
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Arrival July 7th 3pm-6pm | Departure July 12th noon

 morning seminars | afternoon practice & author meetings | evening events

featuring Dr. Feroz Rather, Robin Littell MFA, and Rebecca Kuder MFA


Dr. Feroz Rather

Fiction Workshop: Reclaiming Home

Seminars Monday|Wednesday|Friday mornings

Meetings available with the author M-F afternoons

Contemplating displacement caused by war, political conflict, and other forms of civil strife in our contemporary world, this workshop is designed to help us develop, interrogate, and reconceptualize our relationship with the place we call home. By engaging with a diverse set of international authors, our primary aim is to complicate, deepen, and expand on home and belonging and how these notions inform the identity and evolution of our characters. We’ll take our own birthplaces, small suburban towns or vibrant cosmopolitan cities located within or outside of the United States, as our starting points. And in addition to analyzing the physical aspects of the movement from or towards home, we’ll also explore emotional, spiritual, and conceptual aspects of migration, and how inspiration and metaphor can spring readily by switching identities and/or inhabiting contrasting worlds.  

Through a series of recursive writing prompts that work in conjunction with the readings, we’ll write and discuss short fiction in a supportive workshop setting while exploring our own sense of place. Participants will have the choice to either write multiple short fiction pieces or one fully-fledged short story.

Feroz Rather is the author of The Night of Broken Glass, a novel-in-stories about the war in Kashmir. His short fiction has appeared in Granta, The Common, and Adroit Journal and his non-fiction has been published in World Literature Today and Carve. He is currently engaged in a dialogue with authors of historical/political fiction around the world and has published interviews with Isabella Hammad and Siddhartha Deb in Bomb and The Nation as well as an essay, “Difficult Empathies,” about the South Asian war novel in Public Books. He currently teaches creative writing at Simmons University in Boston, and is working on his second novel, The Derby Shoe, in which he follows a Kashmiri flaneur who’s adrift in New Delhi.


Rebecca Kuder MFA

Dear Inner Critic: A Generative Writing Workshop

Tuesday July 10th 9am-12 noon seminar

Meetings available with the author Tuesday afternoon 

This workshop offers fun, creative, and real strategies to change your relationship to the inner critic, and make more room for creativity and joy. Using inventive prompts and practicing self-care, you will generate new writing and play your way toward liberation. Activities will center on Dear Inner Critic: a self-doubt activity book, by Rebecca Kuder, MFA.

This is not a traditional critique workshop. This is a ‘workshop’ in the sense of a place where people can make things and practice things. Protocols will support creation of a judgment-free zone. Any ‘feedback’ will generally be centered on conversation about process, in aid of freeing the creative spark and adding joy to our lives. The focus will be on practice and activities that are generative, rather than giving and getting feedback on drafts of writing. The premise is that in order to express ourselves freely, we benefit from engaging with our self-doubt. Rather than avoiding, ignoring or denying the inner critic, we will look it in the face and use creative tricks to engage in renegotiation.

Rebecca Kuder’s debut novel, The Eight Mile Suspended Carnival, was published in 2021 by What Books Press. Her stories and essays have appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books; Hags on Fire; Bayou Magazine; Shadows and Tall Trees; Year’s Best Weird Fiction; The Rumpus; Crooked Houses; and elsewhere. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and an individual artist excellence award from the Ohio Arts Council. Rebecca teaches in college, university, K-12, and community settings. She offers workshops and coaching on the creative process and how to coexist with the inner critic. She lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with the writer Robert Freeman Wexler and their daughter. (Learn more at



Robin Littell MFA

The Lure of Brevity: Capturing the Human Experience in Flash Fiction 

Thursday morning seminar

Meetings with the author M-Th afternoons

Flash fiction is where brevity and poetic sensibility meet. It is where attention to language is paramount. Where image reigns. You’ll be surprised at how long flash fiction (the name it was given in the 90’s) has been part of the literary scene. Flash fiction – sometimes known as the vignette, the short-short, or sudden fiction – requires the writer to distill the story down to its most important moment and to hold the moment under a microscope so the reader can see the intricacies of human-ness.  As a result, something resonates, something lingers, something lives in the small spaces it creates. In this workshop, participants will learn a brief history of flash and its related forms, read some stellar examples of flash fiction, and, using prompts that focus on the senses, images, and memories, create their own works of flash fiction. We’ll also look at the flash fiction market today and a few places you can send your work for publication.

Robin Littell holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University. She is the winner of the Baltimore Review 2023 Summer Flash Fiction Contest. Her flash fiction is forthcoming in the Tahoma Literary Review and has also appeared in  Midway Journal, Hawaii Pacific Review, New Flash Fiction Review, Tin House Flash Fridays, and others. You can read more of her work at



  • Arrival Sunday afternoon, July 7th, 3pm-6pm 
  • Morning Seminars— 9am-12noon 
  • Lunch 12 noon to 1:30pm (Invitation to dine at Antioch Kitchens included in both our residential workshop fee and the day pass)
  • Afternoon Writers’ Meetings—  scheduled via Google Calendar (residential participants have preference for 1:1 with faculty. Day pass participants can note intention to meet with one instructor at time of registration, if time allows)
  • Afternoon independent writing sessions— our writing workshop packet suggest a number of literary nooks on Antioch’s campus, in downtown Yellow Springs, and in Glen Helen Nature Preserve 
  • Evening Events— readings and open mic readings scheduled in downtown Yellow Springs, TBA 
  • Departure— Saturday, July 13th, Noon


The Antioch Writers’ Workshop offers two options for attendance with sliding scale tiers for registration, full week participation in residence, or day passes for individual days of the program (with or without overnight lodging).

Full Week— Residential 

Enjoy the full experience of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop in residence on the grounds of the historic Antioch College campus, nestled two blocks from downtown Yellow Springs and adjacent to the entrance to Glen Helen, a nature preserve with 25 miles of networked trails and landmark spaces. 

Participants joining the AWW in residence for the week will enjoy single occupancy housing in North Hall, and are also inclusive of breakfasts and lunches in the Antioch Kitchens— our slow-food campus dining hall that works with produce from the Antioch Farm. Full week residential participants will have the opportunity to schedule one-to-one meetings with all three instructors leading writing workshops, will enjoy free access to evening events and readings in downtown Yellow Springs, and a complimentary Wellness Center pass. Arrivals should be scheduled for Sunday, July 7th between 3pm and 7pm. Antioch College van service to and from the Dayton and Columbus airports can be arranged. Participants should plan for dinner on their own. 

  • General public: $1,230 [Early registration by May 29: $975]
  • Recent Antioch Alumni: $890 [Early registration by May 29: $703]
  • Antioch Alumni, Antioch Writers Workshop Alumni, and GLCA Colleague rate: $1,015 [Early registration fee $801]
  • Single occupancy dorm rooms included
  • Breakfasts and Lunches included in the Antioch Kitchens 
  • Wellness Center access included
  • Evening events included 

Register here for the full week: Full Week AWW

Partial Week— Residential 

Participants joining the AWW in residence for select program events with an overnight stay will enjoy single occupancy housing in North Hall, a breakfast and lunch along with workshop program fees for the following day. Participants can register for one night, two nights, or three nights and would check out in the afternoon after the program concludes on their last scheduled day. 

  • One overnight stay with one day workshop: $90 Program fee per day, $80 housing fee per night. 
  • One overnight stay Recent Alumni: $75 Program fee per day, $65 per night.
  • Antioch Alumni, Antioch Writers Workshop Alumni, and GLCA Colleague rate $80 Program fee per day, $65 per night.

Register here for one program day and one overnight. Note: Feroz Rather teaches M/W/F, Rebecca Kuder T, Robin Littell Th.  Partial Week AWW 

Full Week Day Pass— Commuting to Antioch Writers’ Workshop for 5 day workshop 

Participants who wish to commute to the Antioch Writers’ Workshop are free to engage in seminars, eat lunch in Antioch kitchens (included), and have access to scheduling one-to-one meetings. Day Pass participants should expect to arrive to the seminar space for a 9am start time. Lunches are included in Antioch Kitchens. Afternoons can be spent writing or in meetings with author instructors, evening programs in Yellow Springs or on campus will generally run from 7- 9pm. 

  • A Full Week Day Pass is $450.
  • Full week day pass for recent alumni: $325
  • Full week day pass for Antioch Alumni, Antioch Writers Workshop Alumni, and GLCA colleagues: $400

Register here for a Full Week Day Pass/Commuting to AWW for Full Week

Day Pass— Commuting to Antioch Writers’ Workshop for 1 day 

  • Attend Antioch Writers’ Workshop for one day (all levels): $90

Register here for a single Day Pass to one day of the AWW program.


Support for this project was provided by the Great Lakes Colleges Association through its Global Crossroads Initiative, made possible by a grant from the Mellon Foundation

Please email or with questions or for more information.