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Community Health & Safety Information

Information about Antioch College’s continued preparedness, action, and response to the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Antioch College is open for on campus learning and work. It is up to each of us to conscientiously do our part to create a safe and healthy community.

The President, College Council, and leadership, supported by the COVID Safety Team and other College staff, are continually monitoring the situation as it develops and creating recommendations for policy.


Antioch: Safe + Healthy Together

Current Guidelines & Information


Mask guidance varies depending upon the level of COVID-19 spread on campus and the surrounding community (see Community Levels) At COVID Levels 1 and 2, masks are optional in all Antioch buildings including residence halls. At COVID Level 3, masks are recommended in all Antioch buildings including residence halls. In the case of a severe outbreak (Level 4), the College may issue additional mask guidance or requirements.

As part of optional masking, faculty are permitted to make decisions within their class about masking and offices/departments are also permitted to make decisions amongst their areas. For example, an office team can decide that they will all wear masks around each other or an individual team member can request that other team members wear masks around them. Everyone is encouraged to be respectful and to communicate effectively with each other when deciding how optional masking will be implemented within their areas.

Note: Individuals are encouraged to use disposable masks rather than cloth masks. See CDC guidance here. Individuals who have any symptoms of illness (even if the illness is not COVID) are expected to wear a mask at all times.


Guests and Visitors are allowed during levels 1-3. They may or may not be allowed during level 4 depending on the situation and the chosen protocols. All Guests and Visitors are expected to be vaccinated and must follow Antioch’s COVID-19 protocols and procedures. Proof of vaccination for Guest and Visitors is typically required for overnight visits or extended facility usage.


For students, COVID-19 testing is available in Pennell House during the nurse clinic hours. Students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should contact the Nurse ( immediately to arrange a COVID-19 test. The College will also randomly sample a set of students each week for COVID-19 testing.

Quarantine and Isolation

The College follows the CDC guidance for Isolation and Quarantine at all four community levels. Individuals must be symptom-free for at least 24 hours or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen test before returning from isolation and/or quarantine.

Meetings and Gatherings

There are currently no limitations on numbers of individuals for gatherings, meetings, classes, etc. However, we encourage virtual classes, meetings, and gatherings (over 10 people) when the College is at Level 3.


Dining service will be in Birch Hall and dining room will be open with masks recommended when not actively eating. If the COVID levels reach Level 4 then this protocol will be reconsidered.


NOTE: If you encounter any of the following, students must contact the campus nurse and employees must contact HR immediately:

  • A positive test result for COVID-19.
  • Exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; CDC COVID Self-Checker