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Antioch College is a miracle in the landscape of higher education.

After our independence was secured by our dedicated alumni and friends a decade ago, we have risen from our ashes, reclaiming our place an important leading voice in liberal arts education.

This miracle would not have been possible without the brave and generous support of the Antioch alumni, Yellow Springs villagers, and friends of the College worldwide. You have volunteered your time, energy, and expertise, and donated more than $100 million to the College in the past decade, driven by your firm belief that the world needs Antioch College. Most of all, you have given us your hope.

With your support, we have

Gained fast-tracked accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission in 2016

Graduated six classes of brilliant scholars, thinkers, and doers, many of whom have been accepted to prestigious graduate programs throughout the world, or pursued their victories for humanity

Attracted an exemplary faculty

Placed students in nearly 1,300 Co-op jobs in 36 countries


of students receive financial aid


of students receive Pell Grants


amount of financial aid given based on a student’s demonstrated need

“I chose Antioch because they made me feel welcome, and they made me feel like I mattered. People really do leave Antioch and change the world — and I wanted to be a part of that.”

— Sarah Mills ’21

By making a donation to Antioch today, you ensure that we can keep welcoming first generation college students, you ensure that we can send current students on life-changing Co-opsyou ensure that we provide our pre-med students with the resources they need to pursue excellence in their scientific research, and you ensure that we keep supporting our campus community through all of the challenges entailed by an Antioch Education.

Donate today and keep fueling the flames of our miraculous Antioch Adventure.


Average grants and scholarships
per student

Horace Mann’s vision of a model which educated the whole person—and our longstanding model of classroom, Co-op, and community—is thriving in Yellow Springs, with a renewed vision to meet the challenges of our times.

Antioch is a 170-year-old start-up which needs your ongoing support to meet the challenges of a trailblazing institution committed to welcoming a diverse student body and providing them with a one-of-a-kind education geared toward social justice and sustainability.