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Antioch Activate!

Together, we are a community in action

activate – transitive verb, (ˈak-tə-ˌvāt) : to make active or more active
active – adjective, (ˈak-tiv) : characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation
action – noun, (ˈak-shən) : a thing done

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In the realm of education we are asked to contemplate. We are asked to speculate, to hypothesize, to theorize. Yet, it is the putting of those contemplations and speculations into action – into the state of activation – that they are tested, proven, given credence.

Antiochians have always been known by their actions. Their lives are anchored in individual and collective works and their meaningful contributions to society. It is a transitive verb – maybe a transient mode – embracing existence, reliant on action. The College takes ideas from our classes, labs, and offices into the community and into the world where they are tested, challenged, and strengthened through experience and collaboration.

Illustrated in the Antioch tradition of Community Governance, community is not merely observational. Community is participatory. A community is formed, bonded, and strengthened by collective action. It is the many hands, engaged in meaningful work together, lifting a load and lessening the burden that a few may carry, distributing it across many.

To activate Antioch is to make active, or more active, the members of this incredibly powerful and unique community. You may find yourself in consideration and reflection of what will become of the world. Who will steward the changemakers engaged in the vital work of justice our broad communities require?

Our response to you: be characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation.

You are a member of the Antioch community. Let us act – and activate – together!

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About Fund Designations

    • The Annual Fund: one of the most effective ways to support students and faculty. Contributions make possible the unparalleled opportunity of an Antioch education by paying for the day-to-day operations of the College and sustaining the critical foundation upon which young Antiochians learn to win victories for humanity.
    • Student Success Fund: supports student scholarships which make an Antioch education possible for deserving students.
    • Antioch College Works Program: the entire promise program that the College launched via the Board of Trustees including assurances that a Works-eligible student with high financial need will:
      (a) have the cost of their tuition covered.
      (b) will be afforded compensated employment during study terms.
      (c) have the opportunity to do an international co-op experience supported by scholarships.
      (d) will have the support of the college for a paid post-baccalaureate job.
    • The Alumni of Courage Fund: exists to encourage communication and constructive activity among the Antioch College alumni of color and friends. Our contributions have made Antioch College one of the most innovative, intellectually challenging, and fascinating colleges in America.

Antioch College is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) institution. Accordingly, gifts to Antioch College are tax deductible as provided by law.

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