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Richard Hauck ’17, Dir of Sustainability in Phoenix

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Name: Richard Hauck

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: ENVS

Placement/Employment: Director of Sustainability at Tiger Mountain Foundation, an urban farm in Phoenix, AZ, pursuing his interests in social justice and ecological agriculture. He plans to pursue graduate school in the near future.

Richard says, “During that time when I was analyzing and thinking of where I want to go in life and how I can be part of the solution I made contact with a small nonprofit organization in South Phoenix called Tiger Mountain Foundation. After talking with the founder and CEO I started working with TMF as the Director of Sustainability October 1st, 2018. What TMF is focused on is community development through urban farming. We have two urban farm plots, the first is called Gardens of Tomorrow which is a 1 acre plot located at 18th Pl & Broadway Rd, and the second is called Spaces of Opportunity which is a 20 acre plot located at 13th Ave. & Vinyard Rd. We grow fresh naturally produced food raised with organic practices. We work mainly in South Phoenix which is a high food desert area of Phoenix. We employ seniors and youth in the community and we like to get the message out to the community about healthy living and healthy lifestyles but focus on changing directly the access to fresh food and the food system that we live in now. South Phoenix also has one of the highest recidivism rates in the country so we have a reentry program that works with people coming out of prison to get them employment and mentor them so that they dont go back to prison. I am implementing much of the knowledge and skills I acquired throughout my time at Antioch, through academics and real world experience from my Co-ops, to the work that I do with TMF. We are currently working on improving, making more efficient and sustainable our farming and operational practices. I have been working directly with my boss and CEO of TMF on a grant from the USDA to implement much of the science and ecological agriculture to our production. I feel much more fulfilled doing the work I am doing now and strive everyday to Win Victories For Humanity within my community. If you would like to know more or get involved please feel free to contact me at”