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The Utility Round-Up Program is a community-wide philanthropic and educational initiative launched in the Village of Yellow Springs in January of this year. The program asks Villagers to work together by rounding-up on their utility bills to the nearest dollar. This monthly donation to the URUP fund helps community members in danger of disconnection to pay their utility bills.

Educational curriculum about sustainability is being developed in partnership with Mills Lawn Elementary School, and educational curricula are also being developed to support applicants in learning about sustainable energy usage and cost of bill reduction.

Please join the Utility Round-Up Team by supporting the program on May 16th at the YS brewery, and, of course, by signing up!

Just check the “Round-Up” box on the bottom of your Utility Bill.

Importantly, The URUP Team would also like to thank The Yellow Springs Brewery and the Faculty and Staff at Antioch College for their support and consideration.


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