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Hello Antioch Student!

Antioch College has employment opportunities for students. You can enhance your classroom experiences or pocket money through employment at a variety of job settings on campus. 

New student workers may not work until all paperwork is completed.

For Miller Fellow and Coop Opportunities please contact the Office of Cooperative Education – Phone: 937-319-6139 ext. 2305.  Alternatively, you may contact Rick Kraince at  Many of these positions are not paid through the Human Resources office of Antioch College.

  1. Read through the job postings.
  2. Submit an application for the job(s) that interests you.
  3. If you are offered and accept an on-campus, part-time student employment position, you will complete a Work Authorization Form (WAF) with your new supervisor.  They will provide this form.
  4. If you have not worked on campus before bring WAF to the Human Resources Department in South Hall, on the second floor.  You will be given additional employment forms that must be completed and processed before you can begin working. You may also schedule an appointment with Human resources by emailing or
  5. If you are a returning student worker your supervisor will send the Worker Authorization to Payroll.
  6. For first time student workers you will be required to provide documents at this time. See underlined items in list of next tab Required Paperwork.

All student workers are required to complete the WAF for each job.  If you have previously submitted forms numbered 2-6 in the list below you do not need to submit these forms again.

  1. Student Employment Work Authorization Form (WAF);  Please Note: The WAF must be completed each time you are hired or change jobs.  Antioch College recognizes that many students want or need to work in order to meet college-related expenses. At the same time, being a successful college student requires time management to balance work, study and rest. To ensure that students can better achieve such balance and good academic standing, Antioch student employment practice is that students may work to a maximum of 900 hours in the rolling 12 month period; ≤20 hours per week for a study term, or ≤30 hours per week for a Miller-Co-op term.    This maximum applies to the total hours of all jobs combined.
  2. Employee Information Worksheet;
  3. Direct Deposit Form; You must complete the Direct Deposit form and attach a voided check or deposit slip. You may need to check with the financial institution to determine the 9-digit routing number and account number required.
  4. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form; this form must be completed no later than the first day of employment. The I-9 requires very specific forms of identification ( For a full list of  Acceptable Documents you can go to Most people use either a passport OR driver’s license AND social security card.
  5. Federal and state tax forms;
  6. Confidentiality Agreement form.

You will be paid bi-weekly. Supervisors will provide time sheets every two weeks. Record your hours each time you work.  To ensure a timely pay, you must properly complete a time sheet and give it to your supervisor when due. Late time sheets will be paid the following pay period.