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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring FAQs

Q: Do you have to have a certain GPA to be a tutor?

A: No. It is preferred that peer tutors are in good academic standing. Any potential hires must also have approval from the faculty related to the course(s). 

Q: What do tutors get paid? 

A: Peer tutors are paid $10 an hour, and can work up to 5 hours per week. 

Q: When do tutors get paid? 

A: Peer tutors get paid biweekly, which is the same as every other on campus job. 

Q: Do I have to work certain hours?

A: No, peer tutors will work out their office hours and/or appointment times/slots with the faculty they are tutoring for and the Student Success Services Coordinator (Beth Barnes). 

Q: Is tutoring an Antioch Works job?

A: No. Being a peer tutor is separate from Antioch Works and students can be employed for both positions. 

Q:What should I do if I want to become a tutor? 

A: Follow these steps 

  1. Contact the faculty that teaches the content for which you’re interested in tutoring. Ask them if they’re interested in having a tutor for (class). 
  2. Ask the faculty to fill out the Faculty Tutor Request Form
  3. Fill out the Peer Tutoring Application
  4. The Student Success Services Coordinator will reach out via email within a week.