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Students work with faculty advisors to devise self-designed majors. Coursework in the major builds upon students’ experiences in the general education curriculum while providing students with pathways to deepen their knowledge or further develop their passion in a particular area of study.

Interdisciplinary Arts at Antioch College

The interdisciplinary Arts Major at Antioch College recognizes the complex ways that artistic mediums and discourses converge, complement and resonate with each other. Students in this major will work deeply within two out of three disciplines within the Arts Division: media, visual arts and performance. The Interdisciplinary Arts Major takes full advantage of the curricular resources available on campus and off. These include the co-op opportunities students have each year in the field, as well as our local NPR station WYSO, the Herndon Gallery and the Foundry Theater. 

Courses that support this area of interest



Course No.TitleCredits
ARTS 111Two DImensional Design4
ARTS 240Interdisciplinary Studio4
ARTS 440Advanced Interdisciplinary Studio: (subtitle)4
CAP 495Capstone Project4
Visual Arts
VISA 102Stuff4
VISA 165Modern Art History4
VISA 240Interdisciplinary Studio4
VISA 270Special Topics4
VISA 250The Object in Space4
VISA 2802D Studios4
VISA 265Art History/Art Stories4
VISA 330Installation4
VISA 350Time,Place and Presence4
VISA 365Critical and Visual Studies4
VISA 3802D Studios4
VISA 400Contemporary Collaborative Practice4
VISA 450The Mediated Landscape4
VISA 4802D Studios4
Media Arts
MEDA 102Basic Media Production4
MEDA 165 Community Voices4
MEDA 185Lens & Body: The Portrait4
MEDA 195Lens & Space: the Social Landscape4
MEDA 245AudioVision: Video Production Intensive4
MEDA 299 Independent Study in Media Arts4
MEDA 350Special Topics in Documentary: (subtitle)4
MEDA 355Advanced Projects in Media Art4
MEDA 3804
PERF 150Improvisation in Art and Life4
PERF 230Writing and Performing the Self4
PERF 260Special Topics in Performance: (subtitle)4
PERF 330Writing and Performing the Self II
PERF 299Independent Study in Performance4
PERF 399Advanced Independent Study in Performance4



Forest Bright

Forest Bright

Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

Michael Casselli ’87

Michael Casselli ’87

Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Installation

Luisa Bieri Rios

Luisa Bieri Rios

Associate Professor of Cooperative Education

Real-World Student Work Experiences

Students gain valuable real-world work experience through our Cooperative Education program, and document their insights on Antioch Engaged: our journal of social practice & professional engagement