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My dream is a few steps closer to becoming a reality…

Bonjour, hola, and hello!

My name is Alexis McGilvery and I am a first year at Antioch College. I am from Fort Worth, Texas, so I am a long way from home. But, I’m already starting to feel at home on campus.

One of the reasons I picked Antioch is that when I visited, everyone was super nice and a little bit weird in their own special way. I knew I would thrive here because I am also one of those quirky people!

However, the reason I ultimately decided to attend was due to the self-design major. My dream ever since I was eight years old was to open a law firm to help protect people who are part of my community. That dream has evolved into opening a security software company, along with a law firm. It’s ambitious, I know!  (Does it surprise you that I ran for ComCil In my second week on campus?!)

In order to pursue this dream at any other college, I would have had to stay an extra year or two to get the certifications I needed. This is where Antioch stole the show: my Antioch faculty advisors are helping me create a Computer Science and Business degree with concentrations in French and Spanish, while getting qualifications for law school.

And with Co-op jobs at law firms in New York and Chicago, I know I’ll get the kind of work and life experience that will set me apart when I apply to grad school. I’m also planning to do international Co-ops in France and Spain for my language capstones, so I’ll be trilingual by the time I graduate.

Thanks to Antioch College and its wonderful faculty and staff, my dream is a few steps closer to becoming a reality. In order to keep my dream and future students’ dreams alive at Antioch, we are asking for support from alumni and friends to contribute to the bright futures of the College and its students.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me; I’m just one of many students for whom Antioch is making a difference. Thank you for contributing to my future and that of my classmates. I hope life sends you many blessings.

Alexis McGilvery ’23
An Antiochian who wants to change the world

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