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  • Part Time

Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions/Agraria

Regenerative Agriculture Assistant

Job Description
Community Solutions has enjoyed partnering with Miller Fellows since the program started. We have had exceptionally good experiences with our Miller interns who we feel have also benefited from working with us. Numerous interns have joined us part- or full-time after graduation from Antioch – including four of our current staff. Since the purchase of Agraria, interns have been even more appreciated. They’ve been crucial support in the development of the farm and of our programming – through on-the-ground work, through grant writing and web building, through supporting our educational programs, and through social media and administrative support.

For 2021, we hope to have interns that help with the next stage of our development. Some of the activities we have planned for the year include:

  • Continued clearing of out-of-place species and replanting of natives
  • Food forest design and installation (more than 100 trees)
  • The doubling of Agraria’s chicken population, and their integration into a new “tree-range fowl” program
  • Installation of a rain-fed irrigation system
  • Installation of detail components of the “Mary’s Way” multi-use trail
  • Updates on Agraria’s historic barn, including timber framing, ADA accessibility ramps and door replacement, and the building of a new loft and deck
  • Hoop house installation
  • Weeding, watering, animal care, honey suckle removal, and lawncare
  • Collection of clippings from Yellow Springs’ Cresco medical marijuana growing facility*
  • Biological surveying

*if interns are age 21 or over

Susan Jennings

Student Miller Fellowships are paid positions with local nonprofit organizations that are awarded grants to employ Miller Fellows.

Student Miller Fellows will need to attend the first available Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) at some point during their employment with the nonprofit. The NLI provides information on philanthropy and of nonprofits, and provides grounding and framework for learning from their experiences as a Miller Fellow. Students learn how nonprofits operate, how successful nonprofits function, and the important role students play in the community, representing their schools and the YSCF. They meet nonprofit leaders in the community and gain experience through hands-on work sessions.

Miller Fellowships are offered to the following individuals:


  • A full-time, degree-seeking student in good standing at a Greene County college or university with a preference towards an Antioch College student
  • A high school student who is a resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township or an attendee at Yellow Springs High School; high school Miller Fellows must be 16 years old or older.
  • A resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township under the age of 25 in a gap year before or during college or home for a vacation period
  • Students must have completed the YSCF’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) or apply and complete the next available NLI during their employment.
  • The identified Miller Fellow can be a current employee of the nonprofit if they meet the requirements above.

Reference Materials:

To apply for this job email your details to