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The Antioch School

Classroom Assistant

Job Description 
The Antioch School is committed to sustaining an educational environment that generates a sense of completeness, self-responsibility, and a fulfilling experience for its children. This is accomplished by the involvement of children, faculty, staff, parents, and Yellow Springs’ community members in terms of material, financial, and personnel support. As individuals creatively relate their insights and actions, an organic continuity in experimental and innovative approaches to the children’s education is evolved. 

The Miller Fellow will be enfolded into the daily life of the Antioch School—a small, private, non-profit, democratic school established in 1921 by then Antioch College President Arthur Morgan. The Antioch School serves children from Nursery through the sixth grade. The school is made up of four groups: Nursery, Kindergarten, the Younger Group (first through third grade), and the Older Group (fourth through sixth grade). Throughout the week, the children have opportunities to experience the Art and Science program and engage in ample outside playtime. 

The Miller Fellow will be guided and supervised on a daily basis by the faculty. The school manager will also supervise the Fellow and be responsible for the evaluations. The faculty comprises five highly qualified, experienced and nurturing professionals. In addition to daily faculty support, our Fellow occasionally will attend the weekly faculty meetings. During these meetings, schedules will be discussed; thoughts shared; questions addressed; and misunderstandings resolved. The Antioch School’s faculty and staff envision the individual to be a resource for the overall school community and a sharer of personal strengths and interests. Determined by the level of maturity, previous experiences, strengths, and personal interests of the Miller Fellow, the study-work program options are as follows: 

• The Miller Fellow may serve as an assistant in the classrooms, becoming an invaluable support for the teachers and children. Attention will be placed upon assisting with the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of the children. 

• The Miller Fellow may work directly with our school’s development coordinator on both development and marketing tasks. These may include donor base research, assisting with community events, brochure distribution, social media postings, blogs, photography, videography, and mailings. 

• The Miller Fellow may assist the Art and Science teacher and the children in planning, planting, and maintaining the vegetable and herb gardens. 

Nathan Summers

Miller Fellowships are offered to the following individuals:


      • A full-time, degree-seeking student in good standing at a Greene County college or university with a preference towards an Antioch College student
      • A high school student who is a resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township or an attendee at Yellow Springs High School; high school Miller Fellows must be 16 years old or older.
      • A resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township under the age of 25 in a gap year before or during college or home for a vacation period
      • Students must have completed the YSCF’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) or apply and complete the next available NLI during their employment.
      • The identified Miller Fellow can be a current employee of the nonprofit if they meet the requirements above.

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