Return to Campus

Campus will reopen for Fall 2020

After a very deliberative fact-finding process led by the COVID-19 Task Force—including thorough study, surveys, and discussion—the decision has been made to return to campus in fall 2020.

Currently, the Reopening Implementation Steering Committee is creating detailed plans for all areas of the College.

More details will be posted on this page in mid-July.

Things You Need to Know

Antioch College will reopen this fall as originally scheduled and planned with classes beginning on August 31 and concluding before Thanksgiving.

As a small community, Antioch’s size makes us especially well-suited to be nimble and responsive.

By working together, and trusting our community to act responsibly, we can all move forward together to bring our community back to campus in a safe and responsible manner.

Residence Halls

New students will move into the residence halls over two days, Wednesday, August 26, and Thursday, August 27 (more information for new students).

Residence halls will open to returning students on Sunday, August 30.

Hybrid Model for Academics

Academic programs for the Fall Quarter will be delivered in a hybrid model (some courses face-to-face, some online, some offered in a mix of both formats simultaneously). Our hybrid model is distinctly Antiochian—incorporating community input and building on our tradition of affirmative consent and commitments to social justice. This hybrid model will provide maximum flexibility to faculty and students, and best fits the experience-based nature of Antioch’s progressive, liberal arts curriculum.

Work will continue over the summer to address logistical challenges (including technology considerations, spatial configurations, and conduct and safety protocols) prior to the start of the academic year.

Health and Safety Measures

You can expect that we will continue to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols, as given by the state of Ohio, such as:

  • Ensuring minimum 6 feet between people
  • Working from home when possible and feasible for College operations
  • Requiring employees to wear face coverings unless they have a qualifying exception
  • Performing daily employee symptom assessments and requiring symptomatic employees to stay home
  • Requiring regular handwashing and providing access to hand sanitizer
  • Frequently disinfecting desks, workstations, and high-contact surfaces

Prior to the start of the quarter, we will devise and communicate protocols that address:

  • Housing Assignments (every student will have a single room)
  • Class Sizes
  • Classroom Spaces
  • Kitchens and Meal Service
  • Staffing
  • Placement Testing